With no doubt, the year 2019 will be a year of turn around for all business men that really know what they are doing. This blog is where you will get the right information on how you can market your business on your own without paying marketer. It is my pleasure to unleash the five tools or resources that will boost your business in year 2019. Though some might have heard about these resources but doesn’t know how it works. It is sure that 2019 is a year of boom! You will agree with me that competition will always continue in marketing, com’on you are not the only one in the business. Those that are smart and wise only win the market. Don’t be scared if your business is sluggish, we are here for you to teach you all the rudiments of digital marketing. Sit back! Kindly pick your book and pen to write down the five resources that will boost your business in 2019.

  1. mysimpleshow Video Creation Tool
    It is no longer new that video is now playing an important role in online business, if you don’t know you should know. However, many think it is only the bloggers or comedians that can be creating videos and show themselves in video to the world. You should have this mentality that you as a business man can utilize this video creation to show the concept of your brand to people to see. I told you that 2019 is a year of boom for those that are wise. Create a video tutorial on how your business can render solution to the problem of the masses. This can be done through the known tool called mysimpleshow. The truth there is that you don’t actually need to learn video editing, the tool is responsible for everything. The only thing you will do is to arrange what you want the “voiceover” to say. The tool pick it up from there and it will select the appropriate artwork through the keyword that is gotten from the script you input. It will make a powerful short video for you that will promote your business in 2019.
  2. Famoid
    You can’t compare facebook page with 55,000 fans with just 200 fans. Not only that, twitter account having 1million followers is incomparable with the having just 1000 followers. As a business you need to jump out of your ignorance that social media is not important in business.
    I will introduce you to a tool called Famoid. This tool is to build and get true followers for Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. Though this service is not really free, you will choose the number of followers you want then proceed to the checkout page. The system will get you real and active followers, the best of it is that if any of the followers unfollow you; the system will replace with another. In the year 2019, build your social media presence with the tool “Famoid” and see your business booming.
  3. Canva branding templates
    Whenever we are talking about online tools for image editing and graphics designing, canva is number one because of its powerful templates embedded in it. With canva you can design any graphics work for your business. Good graphics is also important in marketing though it may be difficult a bit. That is the reason canva experts put together 50+ templates for you to design your banner and flyers within an hour.
  4. Designhill AI-Powered Logo Maker
    Mostly all business men never count logo as something that is necessary, unknownly that it is the heart of any business regardless of the niche. So many popular company have their logo which distinguish them from their competitors. In fact, your logo travels long way than what you could expect. You don’t actually need to pay dollars to get a nice logo for your business, Designhill’s logo maker is a free tool that will create a beautiful logo for you within 5 minutes. By 2019, if you don’t have logo despite the availability of this free and powerful tool then something is wrong and it is not ordinary.
  5. Business Website
    This is the last but not the least, if your business is not yet online at this era at which internet is moving to. In fact, internet is now regarded as a global village as people from different countries can now buy and sell from the internet. Bilions of people across the world access the internet each day, who can tell if your customers or clients are part of them? You don’t need to miss any chances of showing your business to the world. Get a business website and be connected to your customers online.

In conclusion, you really need to utilize these tools / resources for you to push your business to the next level. Mostly all of these tools are free and you can keep checking this blog for more tutorials on how you can market your business digitally.


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