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I know that you are attracted to read this post because you want to start making more than $100 per sale. Obviously, it may sound scamming to be earning $2000 just for a sale! Well, it is real and people have been testifying to this that payments are being paid. I took much of my time to conduct an interview with some of the users that participate in the below affiliate programs. There is doubt, all the affiliate programs that I listed are legit and they pay more than $100 per sale. In fact, some of the programs that I listed give commission based on a referral that subscribes to their premium package and some are lifetime passive income. In this case, you will be paid almost $60 monthly on each user that you referred. Assuming you refer 10 people to the program, you will be earning $600+ per month with no stress.
Top 5 affiliate marketing programs you should know
Popular Affiliate programs that pay you $100 per sale

WPEngine– This offers WordPress managed Hosting for those that want a reliable, fast and secured hosting service for their WordPress website. If you can promote it well you can earn up to $50,000 in a month. This hosting offers a package with $29 per month and you earn $200 plus. You can make up to $7500 per sale if the person you refer purchase plan that is more than $200

Ninja Outreach– This is an online tool which allows digital marketers to build superb backlinks for their website or blog, It encourages you through the entire procedure. Their plans begin at $59 every month to $599 every month. Presently, if you register as their affiliate, you gain 20% commission every month per client that you refer. Along these lines, you can make $11.80 to $119.80 every month for every dynamic clients that you allude to Ninja Outreach.

SiteGround– This is another web hosting platform that offers an affiliate program. I strongly recommend this because most of my friends are promoting them. They are earning up to $125 per sale with Siteground.

SEMRUSH affiliate program– SemRush is one of the most popular SEO tools which make it easy for the SEO experts to analyze keywords and also to check on the keywords that your competitors are ranked for which you also can make use. Whenever you refer users that subscribe to their pro package, you will earn up to $159.6/mo for each active customer. Not only that, it is a lifetime residual income– assuming you refer 10 active members, that means you will be making $1596 per month for life!

BigCommerce– is known to be a full e-commerce platform where people sell online. This platform host, process your payment and make sure that your online store is secured, They also include Affiliate marketing program that allows the affiliates to earn up to 200% for each sale. That means you can earn between $60 – $398 per sale.

ShareASale– ShareASale is an affiliate program that cannot be left out on this list. In fact, I personally used ShareASale affiliate network for two years and I was paid as an affiliate. Whenever you refer a merchant you earn up to $150 and also $1 if you refer publishers.

Conclusively, we have more affiliate networks that pay more than $100 per sale but we have shortlisted these six out of the many based on their popularity, trust and users testimonies. Popularity is very important, if the affiliate network is not known to people you may find it difficult to make a sale. Perhaps it is difficult to pay or buy on a platform that is not trusted.


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