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I really do not know what I heard about the rumors that Facebook wanted to change the “Like” button to awesome. Surprisingly, Facebook does not do it! This is a good thing because this awesome word is already used too much. Often, it’s about making unusual things to be usual. I may also have noticed that I used the word so often in my blog post. Although, many people were expecting to start using the like button as awesome back then. Deep within my heart, I know Facebook can’t change that button. Obviously, if you don’t know some facts about Facebook you may find it confusing to understand the ecosystem.
So let’s come back to the reality of social networks. Let me start from the facts about myself relating to social media. Facebook was the first social network I joined in the year 2007. During that time Facebook is not that popular, but they grew rapidly. These obvious costumes at that time were considered a passing phase.
Currently, approximately 1,400 million users are distributed worldwide. Communicate between different cultures and let us share them in real time with your family and friends. Facebook has become an online city where you can meet with people all around the world without traveling. In fact, Facebook users are more than the citizens of some particular city if not a country in the World. On Facebook, you can add friends, chat, and share contents to family and friends. As a businessman, there is more to Facebook than to chat or play games. You can create a business Facebook page, advertise or even create a Facebook group for your business. Well, it is not only Facebook that is powerful in the social media network but Facebook has the highest users and influence.

EE. UU. Canada is no more than a subset of Facebook’s global family.
The Asia-Pacific region is the largest, with about 449 million inhabitants.
Europe still has 301 million Facebook users.

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There are many applications in the Facebook ecosystem. Messaging apps including WhatsApp and Messenger to visual apps like Instagram and Even Occulus. Occulus is a virtual reality technology that Facebook acquired just over 12 months ago for $ 2 billion.

Their number of users is huge in every way.
Whenever Facebook discover that a platform is coming after them, they quickly make an offer to purchase the platform. Take, for example, back then I heard that Facebook has bought WhatsApp. Not even longer, they bought Instagram. I ask myself why? But then I believe they wanted to remain as the Social media king. So, they find all means to alliance or buy any platform that comes to the market with amazing features. Take a look at the statistics of Facebook social media platforms.

Instagram with over 300 million users
Whatsapp with 700 million.
Facebook Messenger has 600 million users.
So, in the social media system, Facebook still remains to be the king. Yet, there are some amazing Facebook facts that will shock you.

350 million Photo are uploaded daily– Are you not surprised? More than 350 million photos are being uploaded on Facebook daily.

The Facebook users spend 21 minutes per day on average– On Facebook, users spend the average time of 21mins which is excellent.

31% of all the USA senior citizens are on Facebook– Do you know that thirty-one percent of all USA Senior citizens are the member of Facebook? Yes, even 66% of the millennials between age 15 and 34 use Facebook.

People spend 927 million hours a month playing Facebook games– Have you heard about Facebook games? If you have never played the game it means you are missing out. Facebook users spend 927 million hours in a month to play Facebook games.

In every second there are twenty thousand people on Facebook– This is one of the amazing Facebook facts. In every second, there are 20,000 people always online. Not only that, there is an average of 486,183 users accessing Facebook using their mobile in a minute.

79% of all Facebook users are accessing Facebook from their mobile device– The truth remains that the highest number of Facebook users are mobile phone users. So, almost 79% of Facebook traffic is from a mobile device.

There are 745 million daily mobile users– The number of mobile users that access Facebook on a daily basis is more than 745 million.

Facebook adding 8 new users every second– There is always a new registered member on Facebook. It is cool to know the number of registered member per hour. We have done the best to dish out the number of people Facebook is adding per second. In every second, 8 new users register an account with this social media platform.

Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent– This is one of the Facebook facts that is amazing. Almost 150,000 messages are being sent by Facebook users in every minute. And over 49 million posts if not 49,433,000 posts are posted on Facebook in every 15 minutes. And it is estimated that 3 million posts are posted in every minute.

100,000 friend requests every 10 minutes– This Facebook fact is surprising. In every ten minutes, more than 100,000 friend requests are being sent by the users. And also, 500,000 Facebook “likes” in every minute.

Does Facebook generate $1.4 million in revenue every hour– Per hour? It is amazing! Facebook is generating $1.4million in revenue per hour.

73% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile advertising– Since Facebook get most of their traffic from the mobile device. However, 73% of its revenue is generated from mobile advertising. And they earn $2.5 billion which is a quarter from mobile advertising.

Facebook users share 1.3 million contents on Facebook per minute in every day.

In the year 2014, according to Social Bakers, the total number of videos uploaded to Facebook is more than YouTube video uploads. And in the same year, Facebook generated $12.47 billion in sales.

Finally, Do you know that there are one billion ” mobile app links” that are enabled on the Facebook platform? This is really amazing!


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