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Armani Exchange is popularly known as the youthful label basically on fashion which is established by Giorgio Armani, the Italian designer. If your vision is to have a successful fashion store, then you can consider the mobile strategy of this company over the years. We have gathered enough information on how they are able to drive massive customers across the whole world. Obviously, you will also need to spend on advert as it will be discussed in this context.
Well, we came across the interview between the company representative and a presenter, their executive outlined the strategy of using mobile phones as a marketing and marketing tool to drive revenue across multiple channels. Is this not cool? But before you start reading the conversation, you need to know exactly when Armani collection was created.
In 1991, Armani Exchange was launched; basically, for a new generation of high-fashion consumers, a group of Georgio Armani who offers urban and individual style. However, in one of the statement of their representative in the interview,
“Our mobile strategy is customer focused and we offer our customers the ideal brand experience, whether they shop in-store, online or on the go,” said Tom Garold, senior vice president of marketing. Global Communications at Armani Exchange, New York.”

“We have a young, progressive and forward-thinking population,” he said. “Last year, we found that 40% of our customers own an iPhone or a BlackBerry, and I’m sure it’s even higher.

“In the end, it’s about responding to our customers wherever they are so they can touch the brand in different ways.”

Demonstration of intelligent technology
“The main group we address are young people who are heavily focused on urban areas, universities or outside the university, in their first job, living and living socially in the city,” Garold said. “They love going out, listening to music, being social and supporting their digital lifestyle.

Following the brand’s success in online advertising, Armani Exchange has chosen to test mobile ads as an important tactic to attract visitors to its mobile site.

Last June, A | She encouraged X to launch her mobile store with a campaign on AdMob’s mobile ad network.

“It was a wonderful mobile advertising campaign and it was a real success,” said Garold. “We have many clicks and good compromises.

“The campaign’s first goal was to encourage consumers to watch videos,” he said. “It starts, and there’s a lot of traffic from people looking for us on their smartphones and being redirected to the mobile site.

“Now they have a much more comfortable ride.”

Multi-channel Marketing Strategy
Armani Exchange aims to fully integrate the various points of contact with the consumer. The retailer continued to promote his mobile, store-level website through brochures and other media to remind customers that they can shop online and by phone.

“We want to promote the cross-fertilization of different channels,” said Garold.

In the year 2008, Armani Exchange became the distribution network, launching a text messaging program to set up a mobile demographic database of technological knowledge. The SMS Club currently has over 60,000 subscribers.

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“We have a great script, something that we have marketed online and in stores, and it has been a great success,” Garold said. “We use them to promote new group announcements, special products like the new A | X music CD and special offers.

“The conversion rates are excellent because they are very dedicated and brand-friendly demographics,” he said. “We can identify and use event promotions, for example in our New York business, the contest, and the first 20 people send a text message to receive Totebag A | X

“We immediately received thousands of text messages, which is surprising.”

For registration, consumers can send a text message with the word AX to ARMANI Short Code (276264), although the merchant also uses other keywords. This is just to make registration to be easier even to those that has no access to the internet.

Consumers can view the cell phone voucher in the cash register for a refund, making A | X Follow the number of people who responded to the offer.

A leader | X is also considering a mobile application for one or more smartphone platforms, but no plan has yet been set.

Mobile commerce continues to be the focus of its mobile initiatives.

He told Jarold, “I was really started by e-commerce during the holidays, and we’re very happy with it, we’ve seen a lot of traffic on the mobile site, and we’ve had a very strong revenue.” And we get the unquantifiable aspect Customers who interact with the brand during the flight, which can lead to sales in the branches or airlines.

“He has been successful from various points of view,” he said.

He benefited from the sale of the MarketLive Mobile luxury clothing retailer to improve his website for mobile phones, optimized for all smartphones Apple has focused on the iPhone. Armani Exchange has recently updated its mobile commerce website to provide more attractive service and style to its on-the-go customers.

In the last Christmas, the company has introduced an in-store capture feature that allows consumers to enter their own zip code, take an item, and click a button to pay by credit card or cash.

He told Jarold, “We meet the needs of customers and the way they want to buy, and as in the future, mobile phone service will not be an integral part of the marketing strategy.” A | X-customers interact with the brand: The days of traditional retailers are over.

“We make the brand available on mobile phones whenever and wherever they want,” he said. “You can use the mobile phone’s website to save time and to find what’s available, shop efficiently or possibly queue up and waste time.

“Whatever the reason, they can interact with the brand in an attractive way and have no way to participate.”

In conclusion, this company is known across the whole world for fashion styling. It is possible you are also interested in opening a fashion store, following this marketing strategy as it was outlined by their representative.


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