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Backlinks are the link that leads to an external website. This can also be called inbound links and they are being created when a particular website include your website link on their own website. However, this is called inbounds link or backlink for website having its link on external websites.
With no doubt, backlinks are very valuable if you really want a better SEO performance. This is because they represent a vote of trust from one website to another. Take, for example, if you include an external link to your content, indirectly you trusted that website you link to where your readers can also visit for more information or clarification.
Essentially, backlinks to your website or blog contents are viewed as an indication of the search engines that respond to your content by others. If there are multiple websites linking to the same website, search engines may conclude that it is worth ranking for on the search results. Therefore, it is also important to be in the SERP. Obviously, when you are getting backlinks to your websites can impact your SEO ranking positively and increase your website visibility on search engines. Well, the quality of the backlinks you are getting from external websites is very important. It can really tell if your website will be ranked better or not. The backlinks to your website can either be no follow or do follow. So, for you to know and monitor the backlinks to your website, you will need backlinks checker. There are many backlinks checker online but we have filtered only 5 out of all based on their accuracy and trust from experts. Below is the best backlink checker:

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  1. Ahrefs
    This is the best of all backlink checker that will give you an accurate number of backlinks that link to your website. Ahrefs will also let you know the type of backlinks to your website either do follow or no follow. Ahrefs was rated 4.8 out of 5 from the reviews of the experts. Ahrefs has both the free and premium version. Although, you will be limited to some features if you are using the free version.
  2. Backlinks checker by Small SEO Tools
    Backlinks tool by Small SEO Tools is the second on our list. It helps to carry out a deep analysis of where your backlinks are coming from. This tool was developed by Small SEO Tools which is also fully integrated with Ahrefs’ engine. By using this tool, you will get a full backlink report for your active website.
  3. SEO Review Tool
    SEO review tool is another online tool that can be used to check your backlinks. They also give you a detailed report of all the backlinks to your website. It is free to use but there is a certain amount you will pay if you want to use the ahrefs to check your competitor’s full backlinks profile.
  4. Backlinks Checker By SEMRush
    Have you ever heard of SEMRush? Using the tool you can research your keywords and another important thing that can improve your SEO. Part of these is the free backlink checker that is offered by SEMRush. You will get accurate details of all the backlinks to your active website.
  5. Monitorbacklinks
    This is another free backlink checker that can be used to know the number of backlinks that link to your website. It offers free service but you will need to register to view the full details of the backlinks report.

In conclusion, all the tools that we listed will provide you with an accurate report of your website backlinks. However, you can use any of them depending on what you want.


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