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As we are matching into another year(2019), many people have already planned how to set up their own business. Well, it is a good thing to plan before time. But did you ever plan on how your business website will be built? Some may ask is it necessary to have a website for a business? I will tell you it is necessary, perhaps it may not be a website but at least a page with your customized domain name. The truth is that many people usually made several mistakes while building a website for their business. It is my responsibility here to feed you with the pure knowledge that will make your business ready for digital marketing. Did you know that is likely better to have no website than to have a website that doesn’t yield anything to your business? When you build a website out of mistakes and errors, then the poor performance of the website is inevitable. Sit back and read the common mistakes you should avoid while building a business website.
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Mistake 1: Long Domain Name
The first thing you will need to buy before you can start running your website is the domain name. What is a domain name? It is something that you know already, check your browser address bar to see the so-called “domain name” inside the URL bar you will see something like– The is my own domain name. You also need to choose a domain name before you can have your own website. The mistake people usually made is the long domain name. Not only that, some people will even choose a name that people cannot memorize. Take for example, “” the question is how did you want your customers to memorize something like this? Research made it clear that domain name with 5-8 letters are more preferred and SEO-friendly compared to a long one that is not even easy to memorize. However, there are much domain strings such as .com, .net, .biz, .tech, .info, .space, e.t.c
Truth be told, all these strings are good for your brand name but it is advisable to use .com, Why? Have you ever tried to access a website that you can’t remember? If yes, you will understand the reason why .com is preferred. There was a time I tried to access a website “” I now mistakenly input “” and I was taken to another website. People are more familiar with .com, so choose a short and “easy to know” domain name with .com– it will make your website ready for digital marketing.

Mistake 2: Poor Designs and mobile optimization
Another common mistake is poor design and mobile optimization while building your business website. Many people believe that good design doesn’t affect the website search engine optimization. Well, it doesn’t affect your website SEO directly but it also affects your website indirectly. Remember that people that are visiting your website are not machine. They are human beings, they know something that is nice and something that looks professional. If you visit a website and you can’t navigate then it is likely to jump out of the mess. Secondly, research made it clear that 52.4% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, choose a good template or theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly to avoid this mistake.

Mistake 3: Don’t neglect SEO
SEO is very important for all business website. But before you build business website it is mandatory to consider all what can improve your website SEO. However, there are some factors you need to implement while building your website. Take for instance, meta description and keywords are very important for each page of your website. Don’t ever make mistake to avoid all the necessary things while you build business website.


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