Dollar To Naira Black Market Today

You are a digital marketer or Nigerian exhibitor very interested in Forex transactions or daily online payment transactions. The first idea that comes to mind each morning is all about the current exchange rate of the dollar in naira on the black market(dollar to naira in the black market) or the exchange rate of the CBN dollar in Naira. Well, It’s completely normal because you are dealing with dollar currency.

That’s why we promise to update you on everything you need to know as a marketer. Especially of the current dollar price on the Nigerian black market and the official CBN price. You can check this page at any time or search for future updates on this our blog.

What is the black market? The black market, which also means that the exchange rate by Aboki or the parallel market can be used interchangeably because it means the same thing. This is the kind of change you get from Aboki intersections on the streets. Located in most major cities of Nigeria. The price of these exchanges is called Aboki and is sold in dollars at the Naira price on the black market.

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The exchange rate of the dollar to naira black market in Nigeria is as follows:

Buy = 1 USD for the Naira 357
Sale = 1 USD in Naira 360

This is the current price that has been updated today. You can always check this blog for daily updates (or periodic updates) because they are run in real time. As a Nigeria blogger, you also need to know dollar to naira black market today. As you cash out your dollar, the next thing is to exchange your dollar to naira in the black market.

The current CBN exchange rate of the dollar in Naira today is:

1 $ = 306 NGN

The daily exchange rate of the dollar in Naira from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) can also be viewed on this blog for future updates. There, the price is updated in real time.


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