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Reading books is a great way to learn something new and expand your knowledge on all subjects. Like most people, I also read tons when I was younger. Life then passed and I had to grow up and spend most of my time concentrating on work, raising children and keeping the house.
I did not know you could receive payments to read books online. If you want to read, you can make money by doing something fun for you. Here are some of the best websites and ways that you can use to charge for reading books online.

Online Book Club:
This is another page where books are reviewed so that you can read books and write honest reviews. You will receive a free book for your first assessment at the online book club. After this test period, you pay to check your books.
Any book you comment is also free. If you do not like the right book, the company is not looking for a positive critique, but an honest criticism. Most payments for online reading clubs currently range from $ 5 to $ 60 per note.

Women Book Review:
Women’s Book Review pays $ 100 for each dedicated and published review. The women’s books are scrupulously checked for the contents and no book reviews are given to relatives, friends, colleagues or enemies of the author.

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Net Galley
Net Galley is an editor who needs to read books online. Whether you are a librarian, bookseller, educator, critic or blogger, you can start with the business and make money as a book reviewer. If you want to read books, you can use these resources to invest in one of your favorite hobbies. Most of these reviews allow you to read and write your review at your leisure and at a reasonable speed.
I am very sure that this piece will be useful to all readers. Being a reader is beautiful and you can turn this beauty to cash.


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