How to advertise on facebook

Did you believe that some people don’t know how to advertise on Facebook? I find it difficult to believe until I receive a message from one of my followers. Sir! How can I advertise on Facebook? This gentle guy asked me. Well, I promised him to publish a post that will answer his question which I believe will also help those that doesn’t know how to advertise on Facebook.

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Step one: Login to your Facebook account

Visit Facebook Website on your web browser. And it will roll out the Facebook business ads page and you will see create ads button. Before you can create ads you must be logged into your account. This is the first step on how to advertise on facebook.

Step two: Create a business Facebook Page

This is where people find it difficult on how to advertise on Facebook. It is not advisable to just advertise on Facebook without adding your Facebook page. Before you continue, create a Facebook page if you don’t have one.

Step three: Choose an objective

Your objective of creating the advertisement is also very important to Facebook. Maybe you want to grow your Facebook page, Increase your website traffic, increase video views, increase app downloads. You will select your objective before you proceed to the next stage.

Step four: Choose your Audience

In the next step you will select your audience. Your audience is a set of people that you want to view your ads, your audience are grouped into class such as age range, gender, interest, demographics, location. You need to choose the class of people to view your advertisement. Then after selecting it, move to the next stage.

Step five: Choose where you want to run your ads

At this point, you will choose where to display your advertisement either on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or across all of them. After selecting one of the options, proceed to the next stage.

Step six: Decide on your budget

Input your lifetime or daily budget, and also the time frame you want your ads to run. You set budget limits for you not to spend more than what you don’t want to spend.

Step seven: Choose your ad format and submit your ads

This is the final stage. Choose the ad format from 6 available formats, some of the format include video or single image. Finally, hit submit button and await Facebook to handle the ads. You can manage your ads in the ad manager.


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