Examples of service marketing

Have you ever heard about service marketing? Although I haven’t mentioned anything like that in any of my publications on this blog. Well, service marketing is an interesting aspect of marketing strategy for your product that is not physical. This may include the services that you can offer to your customers like web designing, automobile repairing, and a lot more. There is no doubt, you can adopt a method that you think is best to communicate the benefits of your services to clients/customers. However, this method can be promotional deals, informational content, advertisements, and any other methods you may think of.
Obviously, organizations that are providing services to customers use this scope of marketing called the “services marketing strategy”. The service marketing can be divided into two categories which are: organizations that provide services to other organizations, B2B(business-to-business), and organizations that provide services to individuals, B2C(business-to-customer)

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In this article, I will only talk about the examples of service marketing which happens to be the question that people ask me often. However, I said it earlier that this marketing strategy is commonly used by organizations or companies that sell their service to individuals.
Examples of service marketing are what I illustrated as follows:
An organization that provides learning service to people such as language learning(English language lesson), can create an advertisement or promotional content to reach out to the targeted audience that will be interested in their service. More also, companies that provide digital services such as web training, web design, content writing, e.t.c can also make use of service marketing strategies and this is known as Business-to-customers marketing.
Companies that also provide services to another company will only need to make use of another marketing strategies in their own marketing strength which is business-to-business (B2B) marketing different entirely from the examples of service marketing I mentioned earlier. Well, it also involves more “person-to-person” contact. For example, a sales rep from the organization that provides a service will negotiate with a representative from the client business. Do you understand my example of business-to-business marketing? To buttress this example of service marketing, a company providing technical support for another company can make use of the service marketing strategies. For example, a company that offers web designing service can use the service marketing techniques to convince an institution on reasons why they need a website for their school. However, this may include a proposal, presentation or meetings for a successful business deal.


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