Exchange rate dollar to naira

A few days ago, we write about the dollar to naira exchange rate in the black market. Since then we have been receiving emails and messages from our readers. All is about the exchange rate of dollar to naira. As a digital marketer, you need to be updated on the latest exchange rate dollar to naira. Many of the digital marketers in Nigeria pay for advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, and advertising network most especially Google Ads. Obviously, all these networks are not in Nigeria and there is a need for you to know the exchange rate for both currency before paying. Before you check the real-time exchange rate of dollar to naira, I will like you to know some facts about USD.

The US dollar accounts for 87% of all foreign currency transactions
No doubt about this figure. More than $ 5 trillion is traded daily in foreign currency. However, this represents 87% of the time on one side of the trade. This is more than double the euro, the second most traded currency. These figures complement the Bank’s triennial survey, conducted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Dollar notes are made of cotton and linen.
Believe it or not, you can fold the dollar bill at least 8000 times, about 20 times more than a plain sheet of paper. These special units come from the fact that the dollar consists of 75% cotton and 25% flax.

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They have a dollar to thank the secret services.
Today, intelligence services know how to protect the life of the United States President. However, when it was founded in 1865, the intention was to fight counterfeit money. At that time, it was assumed that almost a third of the bills were false.

There is a bill of $ 100,000
Do you read this for the first time? The biggest bill in the United States is the UU. The expression is much larger than you think. In 1934, a bill of $ 100,000 was printed. President Woodrow Wilson provided a gold certificate used for interbank transactions.

The dollar is really a world currency.
About 1.54 trillion US dollars are traded around the world. More than two-thirds of the $ 100 bills are stored outside the United States.

Let us move straight to the exchange rate dollar to naira:
1 United States Dollar equals 359.50 Nigerian Naira
$1 = #359.50

This value is the real exchange rate of today which this article was published. However, you can keep checking on this page for a new update.


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