Google reported the death of Google plus in October 2018. The company(Google) state it clearly the reasons for their action towards the death of Google plus social platform. This was all about security bug that was discovered on the website, which permitted outside developers to have access to private client information, including email addresses,full names, occupation, profile photographs, birth dates,relationship status, places lived, and gender,of countless users among 2015 and March 2018. Not only that, it was said by the Tech giant that the platform didn’t receive enough attention unlike Facebook. Google has affirmed the report this December as indicated by a report in the “Wall Street Journal”.

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Google did not reveal the data on the rupture dreading the company which would confront harm to their integrity. However,the organization additionally declared the closing down of the Google+ social platform. The Google+ users have been lamenting as Google finally disclose it on Dec., 10, 2018, that the platform will be shut down and all the Google plus benefits will stop in April 2019. Though the assumed date is August 2019, due to some extent, to a security blemish that exposed the individual information of over 52.5 million Google plus users.


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