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The situation of Nigeria and other underdeveloped countries has demanded everyone to go into a particular business with no respect to the size. You don’t need to wait for a huge capital before you get started, you can actually start small. For every business, there is a need for a business card. What is a business card? Well, business cards can be regarded as the cards containing necessary business information such as the “business name, business logo, phone number, website, and email address” all about the individual or a company. These cards are shared with people whenever the business owner finds himself on any occasion or when he or she meets with someone. In fact, your business card can bear your social media addresses such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here is the good news, business card order online is something that is possible without any stress. Getting a business card designer in your remote area can be frustrating, you don’t need to be down, you can easily get your business card order online. Before I proceed, I will like to brief you on the benefits of a business card in a business.
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Business cards are affordable

You can get your business card at a cheaper price especially it is a business card order online. This is suitable enough for a growing business or small-scale business.

A business card can go a long way
When you give your business card to someone, he or she moves along with your business card. They can also share that with their friends and neighbors. Therefore, it is a way of advertising your business to people.

Business cards serve as a memory aid
Your business card bears some important information that you will like people to know about your business. However, this information is stored in their brain the first day they read your business card, some people may forget easily, but they can easily remember your information anytime they read your business card perhaps when they need your service.
Business card order online is made simple, here are simple steps on how you can get your own business card anywhere in the world.

Visit Printivo
You will see different options of business cards as shown in the below pictures. Choose one by clicking the order now button.

business card order online

You will be taken to a page where you will choose your preferred option of designing your business card. You can make use of their graphics tool to design by yourself or you pay a graphics designer to help you design and upload it. You can also pay them extra N5,000 to help you get graphics designer.

business card order online

If you can design yourself, click the first option to “browse our design” as shown in the above picture. Start customizing your business card to your taste. Select I have reviewed and I am happy with my designs. Also, click the proceed to order button. Don’t forget to choose the number of copies you want.

business card order online

Enter your address and fill the necessary space with adequate information. You can make payment on the website using your Visa card and MasterCard. Your business card will be delivered to you within 5days depending on your location.
Furthermore, business card order online can be done also even if you are not in Nigeria. There are many other websites that make business card order online possible. Some of these websites include:


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