Farmers are not just limited to their farm, but they also need to be aware of digital marketing and how they can easily sell their agro products at their own comfort. You will agree with me that we are in the era where everything has become digital, we are in a global world where you can be at your farm and you will still be marketing your products. In this my article, I will unveil the three ways you can be selling your agricultural products without any stress.
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1.Online Agricultural market
The online marketplace is an online platform designed for buyers and sellers to meet and make transactions. Did you know that there are many agricultural marketplaces, on the platform you can showcase your products? In fact, there are many marketplaces in Nigeria where farmers in Nigeria or outside Nigeria can sell their products. These online markets include:
You don’t need to pay any due before you start selling on this platform, all you need to do is to register and start selling immediately. There are many farmers on the platform that sell the same product. Perhaps, you need to view the price of others and lessen your own price.

2. Social Media Agricultural group
Social media is another perfect place to sell your agricultural products. However, you need to get nice graphics on the particular products you want to sell. Take for instance, you can pay graphics designer to help you design a banner that will contain the name of your farm, the picture of the product and your contact address. Log in to your Facebook and post your banner. In fact, you can join the agricultural groups and start marketing your products immediately.

3. Create your own store
Another way which you can market your products online is by creating an online store where you can display or showcase your chickens, maize, grasscutter, e.t.c, buyers can easily order for any of your agro products wherever they are in the world. You don’t need to pay a huge amount of money before you can get the online store for your products. In fact, there are many online platforms that allow you to create a store for free, example include wix and freewebstore. Create your online store for free


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