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Search engines are not just ordinary but complicated. Every webmaster and website owners always want their website to be rank higher on the search engine. Well, it is never an easy task to get your website rank on search engine not to talk about how search engines rank your website. There is no doubt that we have thousands of information the search web. Every website struggles to be shown on the first 10 search results. In fact, Google own website struggle out to obey and follow all the necessary precautions that can place them higher than their competitive website. The problem is that most all the SEO experts find it difficult to know what Google is using to rank website over another. Google update their algorithms every day. However, it becomes frustrating to keep searching for the newest information about the Google ranking algorithm.
We all have the understanding of how the search engines work, you can remember how you type in a box and you see results in seconds. The search engines are responsible for this by analyzing the contents on web pages. Whenever you search anything, the search engines look out for the words that match your input on web pages with the title, image attributes, and the content itself. The search engine now returns the list of results that are related to your request.

Social Media Flagging– To an ever-increasing extent, web indexes are additionally looking at the number of times your web page receives signals from social media. This simply means whenever your web page is connected to Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. This is simply one more flag that gives web crawler natural intimations about what that website is endeavoring to pass on. Social media flags likewise help in online disclosure, as you have most likely observed on a considerable lot of your most loved sites, which coordinate social sharing catches. For instance, you may have been welcome to share a website page that you found on Twitter and Facebook.

Content Ranking by the search engine– The search engine attempts to match the search words with contents contain in the indexed web pages. However, the search engine will deliver a list of matches that are organized from what the search engine could recognize from the most relevant result down to the least relevant results. Although it doesn’t mean that the websites placed at the top of the results are the ones that perfectly match the “search word” but the search engine will return the top five websites that have been ranked according to a wide variety of criteria. Not only that, but it also ranks them based on the number of clicks the page has received from the search engine.

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Mostly everyone who searches for something through the search engine doesn’t go beyond the first page of the search results. To the matter of fact, different studies made it clear to us “SEO experts” that only the first seven search results are those that get more click from the search engine compared to others. Clearly, getting to the front page of the search result means a lot to a business owner. It is the goal of everyone to see his or her website on the first page. It exposes their websites or products to the right people are interested in it.

Well, SEO experts know that this process is not 100% correct. There was a time I search a keyword and the first ten results were not related to my request until I move to the next page where I find the website.


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