How short-form content can help your business

I stumbled upon a thread yesterday when I was navigating a forum. The discussion was all about short form contents and long-form content, which of the two forms can really help to grow your business? There is no doubt, you will choose long-form and which you are very correct. But have you also think otherwise how short-form content can be helpful to your business? 95% of SEO experts will explain the reasons for long content which is to improve SEO ranking and also to increase the time which readers will spend on reading your article. Well, all these are good! But it can also cause harm to your business if you don’t have a unique topic that you can write about in details.

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I was reading an article about “Google bot” on the web, unfortunately, as I was reading it I find out that the content was a replicate of the previous content which I read on another blog. The content was almost 1,500+ words (long-form), so it was boring and I find myself out of the blog immediately without spending two minutes.
The fact is that many business owners have neglected short form content which is frequent, and they rather prefer to go on the web to gather already existing information about their business to produce long-form content.
However, thousands of people are also in the same business as you. So writing 2000+ content which is already on the web or related to someone else business may not be helpful to your business. In fact, how short-form content can help your business is what majority of my visitor keep asking me. Obviously, not every writer like writing a long story…lol
The fact is that the web is full of thousands of related content and topics, don’t you think that short-form content which explain your new intuition about your business can go a long way? Truth be told, posting long-form content frequently can be difficult but it is easier to post more than 50 short contents per day.
Research made it clear that regular posting(minimum of 10 posts per day) can boost traffic compared to just posting once in a day or a week. Before I go into the main topic on how short-form content can be helpful to your business, I will briefly discuss “short-form content” for a better understanding of this concept. Short-form content can be regarded as any content that is less than 1000 words in length.
If you have been following my blog for a while you will discover that I hardly post 1000+ contents except I want to teach on a particular topic. It is not that I hate long-form content, but I just like to summarize the whole story into short-form just to prevent boredom while reading. Not only that, I rather prefer to write short and unique content to long-form content; which is a replicate of thousands of the same information. So you need to relax and read how short-form content can be helpful to your business? Here are the ways’

Short-form content allows you to post frequently about your business– This is another way on how short-form content can be helpful to your blog. The truth is that your audience is awaiting your frequent posts on daily basis. The more you feed them with information the more your brand name sink into their brain. You can see that it is not difficult to post 50 tweets on Twitter per day! You can as well feed your followers I mean your customers with the fresh information–posting 10 articles of 300+ words each is not bad. Not the information you copied from another blog.

Short-form content can also make your customers be engaged– if it is properly optimized If you are writing a short-form content try to include an inbound link to another post that is related to what you wrote. For instance, you write a short-form article on “How to play the piano” perhaps your business is all about the piano and all your contents are information related to the piano. However, inside the article, you can include an inbound link to another post that talks about “The benefits of playing piano” you can see that the reader will be interested to click and read that link since the information can’t be found in that article. The truth is that as they click on the inbound link to another content, they will also see another related inbound link on that post. Mind you the reader is now on the page “The benefits of playing the piano” another inbound link which is “Top 3 pianist and how they get started” is embedded inside the post. However, before you know it the reader or customer will end up reading almost all your post on the blog as they link to another. Not only that, it makes your followers spend more time on your blog not just reading an article but also the old articles on your blog receive more views.

Short-form content will make your followers read your article gently– Whenever you are writing about your products I will advise you to write less than 1000 words because the majority of your readers may not be a good reader. Some people are lazy while reading, they prefer to just glance through the whole content if it is too long. So it is possible your followers should miss out some vital information in your post. Hence, this can be a good way on how short-form content can be helpful to your business as your audience will read about your product diligently.

In conclusion, don’t think that short-form content can’t help your business, it can be helpful to your business if it is well optimized.


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