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Email marketing may seem to be stressful and obsolete to many businessmen, but the truth is that it is still needed in digital marketing. Before the arrival of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also many instant messenger platform. email marketing has been the most effective means of marketing. However, email marketing still maintains the position as one of the most powerful tools in the digital world. Don’t just look at it as an old tool. In fact, all the modern day websites including the social media website will always request your email address. There is no doubt, there is much stress in email marketing especially if you want to start building your email list in the right way. There are many ways in which you can get your email list. In this article, I will teach you the right way of building your email lists which is the normal collection of email from your visitors. Some people purchase listing while some use black hat to get listing but it won’t produce an expected result in the long run.
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Why Email Marketing Is Still Effective?
I will like to talk about the effectiveness of email marketing, this is because of the beginners for a better understanding of email marketing.
It is a direct messaging– Everyone that is on your listing will receive an email just like the way they usually receive mail in their inbox.
Email is important– It is possible for you not to check your social media for days but mostly everyone check their email every day. However, there is a chance for people reading your mail.
It is highly customizable– The truth is that you can create your campaign on any particular subject, In fact, you can customize it by adding some pictures that can make your campaign look real.

The right way to build your email lists

The truth of the matter is that you can’t just purchase a list or start sending mail to people that have no interest in your product and be expecting a result. Before you get started with email marketing, you need the right lists. However, creating a targeted and quality email list should be your main goal before starting any campaign. There are three things that you must consider before you start the list building.
The quality of your list is compulsory, you really want the genuine email address of people. Obtaining the information that is not real will not yield any result.
The list you are building should be the email of people that are interested in your product.

  1. Start Early

This is not really a practical step that you should do but it is advisable for beginners. The truth is that you need to start early if you really want to be more effective in building your email list. It is something you need to know. It will take you time to build thousands of emails on your list. However, the earlier you begin, the faster it will take you to build the list that you desire.

2. Start With The People You Know
This will be a good start for you in building your list. Start adding the people you know to your list, you can also import the emails from your contact and also from your social media friends. Not only that, you can add email from business cards that you obtained from family and friends. This will help you to get more than 100 genuine email addresses in your list.

3. Create A Landing Page And Make Incentives Available
Going beyond adding the people that you know to your list will require you to get a website. However, it is not necessarily to be multi pages website, all you need is a landing page where visitors can visit opt-in for your incentives. Truth be told, people will not like to share their personal information for free without any valuable thing in exchange. When I was building my email listing, I offer my visitors that subscribe to my email list free web training for a month, and this generates more than 1,200 subscribers in a month. Other marketers can offer their visitors free eBook download in exchange for their email signup. For those people that need email lists for products marketing, you can offer a discount or free trial in exchange for their email information. The important stuff you must know is that getting the personal information about someone doesn’t come easily. You have to offer something that really worth them giving you their email address. However, you can be changing your incentives day by day it depends on your choice.


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