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We will never seize to say the truth on this platform, imagine this present era where digital marketing has taken over; yet some people(artisans and sellers) are still complaining of “no customers”. Perhaps is because of their ignorance. The truth is that the biggest problem of a man remains to be his own personal ignorance. Although, that is the reason why I created this blog to open everyone’s eye to marketing techniques and put an end to self-ignorance. Who is an artisan? An artisan is a person who is skilled in particular handwork such as craftwork, photographer, technician, carpentry, shoemaking, e.t.c
More also, a seller is known as an individual that exchange his or her goods, products or service for money. Both the artisan and the seller need an online store.
However, the artisans are not restricted to their offline shop but they can also explore the internet by setting up an online store. With my research, I observed that 80% of artisans don’t know the relevance of online store. Not only that, they are not even aware of digital marketing skills. Don’t ever limit yourself to your workshop. Jump out! And take a step into the online store where you can showcase your creativity and handwork for people to see. With no doubt, the online store will connect you with the right people that need your service and your products. I took my time to write extensively on how you can open your own online store without any knowledge of coding. All you need is to follow the step gradually. Make sure you are successful with each step before moving to another step.
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Step One: Buy Your Hosting and Domain
Buying hosting and domain is something you can do yourself as an artisan. Take a glass cup of water behind and follow these gradually. There are so many hosting and domain registrar, many of them will promise to offer you better support but only a few hosting holds to their promise. In this tutorial, I will recommend my favorite hosting which is Namecheap. There are reasons why I recommend Namecheap especially for those that have no knowledge of Technology. Some of them include simplicity, cheap pricing, good support, and good uptime. Well, I don’t really need to keep telling stories about them, you will know more about them as you start using their service. Visit the website
Navigate to the hosting as shown in the picture below.

Choose and click Shared hosting.
Select the hosting package that you prefer, for a start you can choose a stellar package.
Select ” I don’t have domain purchase new domain”
Input your preferred domain name in the provided box. Your domain name can be “” or “”, choose anyone and proceed to the checkout page.
However, you will need to login or register an account before you checkout. Make your payment using your MasterCard or Visa card. After all, check your email to copy out the cpanel details sent to you.
Login to your Namecheap user account and proceed to the next step.

Step Two: Installation of WordPress Software
Installing the WordPress engine on your hosting may be too technical for you. However, that is where you will need the assistance of the Namecheap support team. Although, you can make use of one-click installation wizard, not everyone will still be able to do it despite the simplicity. You don’t need to be thinking on how to do it. Namecheap support center will help you out. Log into your account and navigate to the Live Chat which is at the footer of their website. Click on the “Live Chat” button and you will be taken to a page where you will input your name, email, options button(Select Hosting) and the box where you will provide a request.
In the request box, type ” Please help me to install WordPress engine on my hosting”.
You should also provide your domain name, Pin and username.
Click the submit button.
You will be taken to the chat page, one of their support agents will join you. Provide all necessary details and make sure you request for the WordPress login details. Immediately after the WordPress installation.

Step Three: Theme and Plugin Setup
Plugins are responsible for your store functionality and the themes are responsible for the appearance of your store particularly how your handmade products are displayed. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard through the sample link “”
Note that I used as an example of a domain that I register in this tutorial. Replace with your own domain. Enter your WordPress admin username and password given to you by Namecheap support agent. You will be taken to the admin dashboard where you will install your Woocommerce and theme.

online store dashboard

There are millions of Woocommerce themes either free or premium. However, you can start with the free Woocommerce theme. But before that, you will install the plugin called Woocommerce. On your admin dashboard, you will see the dashboard (gear) button and click on it.
Scroll down the menu options by the left and click the plugin(Add new).
You will see a search box, enter the name of the plugin “Woocommerce”.
Click install button attached to the plugin name(Woocommerce).
Woocommerce will be installed in seconds and click on the activate button in order to activate the functionality on your WordPress.
You will see the notification “Run setup wizard” on the admin dashboard.

Online store

Click on the button and set up your store. Configure your store based on the currency of your country.
Next, you need to install a theme that is compatible with Woocommerce. Visit the Appearance(Themes) section on the menu list which is at the left corner of the admin pages.
Click the button “Add new themes”.
Using the search box, input Storefront.
Install and activate the theme.
Wow, you are done with the plugin and theme setup!

Step Four: Free SSL Installation
This is another reason I love Namecheap. Your store needs a secured server and you need to install it before your store can go live. You can install the free SSL right from your hosting Cpanel. If you don’t have an idea of the Cpanel, kindly contact the Namecheap Support using their live chat. The same way you requested for help on WordPress installation, also contact them to help you install the free SSLon your domain. Not only that, let them help you to redirect all http to https. You will receive mail that you have successfully installed Comodo. Congrats! Your online store is now ready to go live.

Step Five: Add Your First Product
You can add many products to your online store. In the diagram below, click the product(add new product).
Title of your product: Enter the name of your product in this box
Category: This is the category of that particular product and if there is none you will see a button ” add new category” click on it to add new category.
Add media: This is where you will add graphics of your product. Click on add media and upload the picture of your product.
Product data: This is where you will input the price of the product and the shipping rate.
Product description: Add a short description of your product and let it be seductive.
Lastly, click on the “publish” button. Your product will go live on your online store which can be accessed through your domain “”.
Important Notice:
You are always free to ask a question by using our comment box.
You are also free to request for any help from your hosting server by using their Live Chat.
You can extend the functionality of your online store by using plugins.
Perhaps, you want to customize your store to look like Jumia and Konga we can help you do that at an affordable price.


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