Twitter happens to be one of the most popular and powerful social media network in the global world. In fact, it is rank as second after the giant social media network “Facebook”. However, you don’t need to underestimate the place of twitter in marketing. Though marketing using twitter can be frustrating if you don’t have enough followers. Notwithstanding, you still need to find a way to get what you want from this social media network. Getting followers is not something that happens overnight, Hence, marketers having few followers(50 – 500) are not likely to get enough traffic or sales using their twitter handle. Twitter is programmed in such a way that people are allowed to retweet your post to their own followers, I.e if you have 50 followers and one of your followers that is having 2000 followers retweet your post, that simply means your post will be shown to all his 2000 followers. You can now imagine the pool of twitter traffic you will get if 50 of your followers retweet your post. Getting retweet is not something that come easily especially if you are not influential or known. The truth is that if you are not influential or your tweet is not charmy you won’t get enough retweet. Take for instance, in the past years I hardly get retweets for my tweets until I discovered the tool that I am about to unveil. You don’t need to bother on how to get traffic to your blog or sales page through your tweet; even though you don’t have enough followers. Before I proceed, there are somethings you must know or let me call them requirements which must be in place before this tool can be effective.

  1. Get a twitter account
    You need to get an active twitter account having more than 50 followers and ensure that your profile picture is updated. They will accept a twitter account with no profile picture, their system will automatically deactivate your account from getting retweets if there is no profile picture in your twitter account.
  2. Irresistible Title is very important
    Do you know that there are some content title’s that are irresistible? The title that is attractive will make viewers to click on them but if your title is not catchy it may not get a click even if you have gotten enough retweet using the tool. For you to get traffic from twitter, your title(tweet) must be seductive.

The hour has come to unveil the secret of getting retweets to your tweet. The good news about this tool is that they offer free service but you also need to retweet the tweets of your fellow participant for you to earn points. You can retweet all the available tweets to your 50 followers and a participant having 2000 followers will retweet your tweet. Is that not cool? Not only that, the tool is structured in way that you can even set range for twitter account that is eligible to retweet your tweet. There is an option for you to select the number of twitter followers you want to retweet your tweet. You can select account with 2000 followers which means only participants that have more than 2000 followers will be able to retweet your tweets.

How To Get Started?
I believe many of us will be worried to know the name of the tool. Well, the online tool that I have been talking about is called Traffup. Here are basic steps on how to use the tool:

Register with Traffup
Registration is very important before you can start using their service. The registration is very simple with easy captcha. You need to visit their website link before you can register or login to your account. Not only that, you will also verify your email address. After successful registration, the system will send email to your email address to confirm that the email address belongs to you. However, login to your email address to confirm by clicking on the link sent to you. Congratulation message will appear on your screen if you have successfully verified your email address, the next thing is to login into your account.

Connect your Twitter Account With Traffup
It is necessary to connect your twitter account with your traffup account which is very simple and easy. You will be given free points for connecting your twitter account but you also need to get more points so that more people will retweets your tweet.

How To Get Points

  1. You can earn points by following people– Traffup also allow you to get followers using their service, you earn 50points by default whenever you follow any one on twitter through traffup. Though, it can be changed in the user account settings depending on choice. In this article, we are talking about retweets so you need to deactivate people from following you through traffup, whenever any points are set for following, it means your account is visible for people to follow you and as they are following you; points will be removed from your balance. This may not be enough to get retweets that will give you traffic, hence, assigned 0points for following so that your account will not be visible for users to follow. You can follow people to earn points.

2. You can also earn points by retweeting– On your dashboard you will see retweet button, click and you will see many tweets. Retweet them and earn points, you can also like the tweet and earn points. Likewisely, people will also retweet your tweet to their followers to earn points.

3. You can earn points by viewing websites– Traffup allow users to add their link or website on their platform, users can earn points if they view the website. You can view many websites as you like and you earn your points.

  1. How To Add Your Tweet On Traffup
    Before you add your tweet on traffup you need to tweet on twitter and copy out the link that leads to the tweet on twitter. Login to your traffup account, you will see the add tweet button. Click on it and you will see the sample of the link you should paste inside the box. Scroll down and choose the category of your tweet, then click the submit button. You have successfully added your tweets, wait and keep checking my tweets on your dashboard to see people that retweeted your tweet. You can also login to your twitter account to see those that retweeted your tweet! That is cool right? Please like and share this with your friends if it is really helpful.


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