Google analytics certification

Google Analytics is considered some time ago to be the most widely used analysis program on the market.
Many large and small businesses use Google Analytics to optimize and evaluate their marketing strategies to maximize their investment and to monitor the traffic flow.
However, you do not need to be certified in Google Analytics to use the analytics software. In fact, most people do not take the time to earn a degree because they need to pass the Google Analytics Qualification Exam (GAIQ) which is not that easy. Then, it remains a question that why is it necessary to have the Google analytics certification? Everyone knows that without getting certified you can make use of the software even effectively. Getting the certification will help you to have something added to your CV. Perhaps, it can be helpful to build a strong profile as a digital marketer…
You have decided to get yourself certified right? You will definitely take the GAIQ test… Below are the procedures to follow for you to get Google analytics certification for free.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Partners
Google Partner is Google’s online interaction and collaboration tool with marketers and digital agencies. Only registered Google partners can purchase Google Analytics Individual Qualifications (GAIQ). So you have to register. Enter this way to get your free account. Sign in Now

Step 2: Do your own part by learning
To pass the GAIQ test, you need to learn a complete digital analytics process and the Google Analytics platform. The courses and tips from Google are a clear starting point for the review, both for newcomers to Google Analytics and for advanced users. All topics in the Google IQ session must be covered before you take the test…

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Google Analytics for beginners
Google Analytics Advanced

Of course, if you want to gain in-depth knowledge and understand a topic, then you go beyond the course content. Here are some free resources to help you master Google Analytics for Google analytics certification,
Focus on Internet data and analysis resources. Our library of evidence, articles, and podcasts will help you learn more.
You can also sign up for Target Internet for Digital Internet Marketing Courses. We have selected a large number of Google Analytics devices that will not only help you pass the exam, but also give you practical tips on using and understanding Google Analytics. Discover the 14-day free trial
Perform a simulated test: Students who fail the GAIQ test must wait seven days before they can repeat the test. We therefore recommend that you first train with an informal provider of simulation tests.
Use the forums for help: Are you having trouble getting around this annoying tracking code? You do not know how to set a goal? If you have problems with Google Analytics, ask for help in one of the many forums.
Google Analytics Channel on YouTube (Subscribing is a safe way to populate your YouTube homepage with new Google Analytics content). This is a great way to motivate your readers for a regular visit.
User Case Studies: These case studies show some of the different ways that Google Analytics performs well. If you are a beginner, you can use this resource to understand the practical applications of Google Analytics that can be included in the GAIQ test.

Step 3: Take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test (GAIQ).
Because the GAIQ exam is modular, you can take the subject exam by subject. To start:

Visit Google Partners
Click on “Certificates”
Click on “Show exams”.
Pass the exam section and click on “Test Details”.
Click on “pass the exam”.
The test is now started in your web browser.
Once the test starts, a timer will start for a countdown of 90 minutes. It is not possible to temporarily stop the timer until the end of the test.

You need at least 80% to succeed. If you fail, you must wait seven days before you can try again.

After approval, you will receive a unique GAIQ certificate. Your Google Partner profile will be updated to reflect the status of your certificate.

In conclusion, to start using Google analytics tool doesn’t require a certificate or degree in digital marketing skills or in any Google programmes. But Google analytics certification is needed if you want to build a strong profile as a digital marketer, and for you to score above 80%, learning is compulsory and try as much as possible to read all the topics before you attempt the exam.



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