how to advertise your business

To get more traffic to your website, I recommend diversifying your traffic sources even when there is no traffic source or when your site(blog) is still receiving traffic from other sources.
For private reasons, I recommend using some of the following information, including free (paid) and paid advertisements.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Forum Traffic, Press Releases / Advertising Publications, Social Media Powered (PPC, Google ads, Facebook ads).
To get traffic to my blog for free, I strongly recommend to focus on SEO, as this will generate free traffic for free search in the coming years if done correctly.
Whichever upgrade method you choose, the most important element remains the same.

  1. High quality content.
    No matter what you choose, whether you’re doing social media marketing with SEO and Google Ads, you need quality content and why?
    In short, high quality content is content that meets all the demands and needs of customers for a particular subject or topic.
    Searching for these queries and querying customers on a specific topic is a search engine optimization process in the Keyword Search module.

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2. SEO Optimization

What is search engine optimization?
For those who do not know. Search engine optimization is about optimizing a website to get a better result on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
SEO consists of two main criteria, the page and the optimization of the page. With these two criteria, there are complete sub-sets of sub-criteria and learning can take a long time.
However, most people will tell you that online marketing is better for short and long term SEO, and while this is true, search engine optimization is faster than you think.
If you see Google ads, your location (highlighted in green) depends on the following values: Ad Rank (Position) = Quality Score × Cost Per Click ($$$).
Quality Score includes search engine optimization, which consists of a user experience and advertising relevance.
Therefore, the SEO process is extremely important to diagnose the keywords sought by customers and to improve their website while taking into account their competitiveness. After all, it makes no sense to refer to a difficult keyword to classify
Finally, SEO (optimization of the website / landing page) helps you to modify your PPC campaigns and your free data (blue). SEO is so important to compensate.
It all starts with the foundation! What exactly is the basis of your website is your content!
Your website must have a high quality keyword that is readable and useful. Why? Since this is a long content, it seems to be better positioned on Google.
In addition, this was confirmed by SEMrush’s 2017 study, which emphasizes that the quality and length of page content have a direct or indirect impact on the 17 ranked factors.
How can I implement SEO on my site to get traffic to my blog? Well, you can learn something about SEO, but you will need a few months to learn and practice. This is not ideal for bloggers who want to evaluate their website now, as it sometimes takes three months for the results to appear. Therefore, if you need 3 months to learn, you may not be able to effectively optimize your website and display the results for up to 6 months.


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