how to get views to your YouTube videos using keywords

Have you been looking for a better way on how to get views to your YouTube videos using keywords? Your answer should be Yes, and I believe that is what makes you stumble upon this post. You can’t imagine it when you see a video on YouTube with 500,000 views with countless subscribers and you ask yourself what is going wrong with your own YouTube channel? My dear, nothing is wrong only that you don’t know how to drag people to view your video on YouTube. YouTube is a platform where people can access and search for a different kind of videos. In fact, billions of people are making use of the YouTube search to get reach to the video they want to watch. Then the question is why is my own video not getting views despite the number of people that search through the YouTube search engine? Well, the answer is not far from what I want to explain in this article and I will need your attention. If possible get a soft drink behind you as you continue reading! Lol…
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There is no doubt the improper use of keyword or tag in your video will deny you from getting a lot of views from the YouTube search. And that is the reason why I decided to write on how to get views to your YouTube videos using keywords. In this particular article, I will teach you how to spy the keywords of the videos with many views. So, if you see a video with 1million views, you can spy the video’s keyword and use them to improve your own YouTube SEO. The truth is that if you use the right tag or keyword that people are searching for, automatically you will get views just the way you get traffic to your blog post from search engines. Sit properly, be relaxed and take a cup of drink as you continue reading.
I will quickly introduce you to these two online tools which allow you to spy any video and also help you to do keyword research. These two online tools are:
Do you know that using the tag ideas is another better way to boost your Youtube SEO? Not only that, Using the two software will give you access to spy at the high ranking YouTube videos competing with your own video. Notwithstanding, YouTube always hide each video keywords for viewers to see and that is why you need the two software, Vidlq has both free and premium package. Obviously, it is not only the keyword(tag) that is important in ranking your video for more views. Other metadata include the title and the description. And it is important for your keyword to appear in both of them. How to get views to your YouTube videos using keywords is not a child play. However, if you want premium features, I will recommend Tubebuddy.
TubeBuddy has some features that will help you get the best keywords that your competitors used to get views. Some of this feature include Tag Explorer which is almost like the traditional SEO keyword finder. All you need to do is just to input your keyword that matches your video and which you want to be rank for, in seconds, Tubebuddy will return with many suggested tags which can make you get views from YouTube search. Another feature is the Tag explorer which can be used to track the SEO keywords used by your competitors for their YouTube channels. There are other features that I don’t mention, visit the website and explore more. Make sure you use the same keywords(tags) on your video, channel too and your video will recover from sinking sickness. This article on how to get views to your YouTube videos using keyword is beneficial right?


  1. This post is really informative for me. Everyone youtuber is trying to increase viewers and subscribers and me too. In this effort, I am consistently buying youtube viewers and subscribers from ( because Youtube SEO Require a lot of time and hardworking but it is very beneficial in long run.
    I have never heard about Tubebuddy and vidlq tools. These are totally new to me. Thanks for including in this post. Soon, I’ll use these two.
    One thing is confusing me. You have mentioned Keyword (Tag). Do you mean hashtag?

    • The hashtag is different from the keyword. Keyword is a phrase or word that explains what your content or video is all about. Whenever people search using this keywords it brings out videos related to the keyword.


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