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We all know that Twitter is one of the powerful tools that can be use to grow business only if it is properly used. However, it can be helpful to generate leads, build and solidify your brand. This can be true only if you have enough Twitter followers. Truth be told, getting real follower can be frustrating if you don’t know how to. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with the number of years you have been using the Twitter handle. However, having an active Twitter follower is not what you be proud of and they are not just following you for nothing. Twitter followers are there to build your brand and become your real life customers.
There are 3 Sub-headings to get Twitter

followers which include:

1.Follow and Follow back rule

2. Writing engaging tweets

3. Promoting your Twitter account for followers

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Follow and Follow back rule
The truth is when you follow me am also expected to follow you back, but before you can start following you need to optimize your Twitter bio. However, whenever you follow someone on Twitter, it is the choice of the person to follow you back or not. In most times, people don’t follow you back perhaps due to a poor Twitter bio. Make sure that Twitter bio is professional which will make people follow you back. Truth be told, there no one that will like to follow someone that has nothing to offer. Using proper and relevant keywords in your Twitter bio will rank you well on Twitter search. More also, do not forget to add your city as this will attracts people to follow you locally.

Writing Engaging Tweets
Tweeting something that is engaging can also get you followers. As a businessman, you should know that your tweets are not just for fun. However, you are expecting results for each tweets. Make sure your tweet is motivational or inspirational, and also include links to your tweet. Not only that, I will always advise to include hashtag and mention to your tweets. Mention people that are influential in your tweets. This will get you retweet and also twitter followers.

Promoting Your Twitter account
Promoting your Twitter account by sharing your Twitter handle on your social media networks can go a long way. You can also include it on your website, and never seize to tell people to follow you on Twitter. The quickest way of promoting your Twitter account is by joining Twiends or Traffup. These two platforms will promote your account for more followers. You follow people and earn points, the point will be deducted whenever people also follow you from the platform. It is not necessary to follow people, you can buy points and people will start following you.


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