Improve your writing skills and grammar

If you really want to focus your career into writing then you need to work on your writing skills and grammar. I won’t focus on just a language in this article. However, all that you read here will be applicable to other languages but I will use the English language as a case study. To be a writer doesn’t mean you are mainly English writer. You can be a writer that writes in German or Dutch language. No matter the language you are writing with, you need to understand the ethics of writing and the grammar composure of the language. There are different types of writers which are listed below:

  1. SEO Copywriter
    SEO copywriters are best in writing for SEO. They understand how possible they can integrate targeted keywords and key phrases into their contents to optimize their content for organic search benefits and they also understand the penalties behind poor contents. Not only that, many of them know how to do keyword research. If you are intending to become a blogger, you definitely need to be an SEO copywriter. Perhaps, you need SEO ranking for your website. They can help to write valuable contents that will drive organic traffic to your website.
  2. Lead generation writer
    Another type of writer is those that write for lead generation. There are some that will write a captivating content that will seduce the customers to buy your product. However, you can channel your focus to be this type of writer but you need to improve your writing skills and grammar to sweetened your customers.
  3. Brand Journalist
    Brand journalists are experts in headlines writing because online journalism often focuses on clicks based titles. They can write seductive headlines and titles that will make readers click and read the full context. Well, branded journalists can be a powerful mix for content marketing because they focus more on stories than on forced sales and product. Obviously, to become a branded journalist you need to improve your writing skills and grammar.

Other types of writer are Technical writer, Ghostwriter, Social media writer, Advertising writer..e.t.c
All these writers need good writing skills to be able to flow with the use of the word. If you have good writing skills you will know how to play with words.

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Now, we need to start with how you can improve your writing skills;

  1. Go Through The Basics
    Well, you don’t need to study language in University or any tertiary institution before you start writing good content. You only need to know the basics such as spellings, grammar, e.t.c, there are many books online that will teach you the basics of writing. If you are still finding it difficult to write the correct spelling or to write a correct sentence; then you need to go back to learn the basics. This is not necessary to be English alone, it can be another language depending on the language you want to be used for writing.
  2. Make Writing To Be Your Passion
    Truth be told, if you don’t make writing to be your job there is no how you can go the extra mile just to improve your skills. Daily practicing will make you be master over time and this is when writing is your passion that you will keep writing. If it is not your passion you will easily get bored especially if you are a beginner having nothing to write.
  3. Read More Like It is Your Business
    There is no doubt, if you want to be a good writer you must also know how to read…
    Read different books and blog post. Not only to read, but also study carefully how the words are being used. It will help to improve your writing skills and grammar.
  4. Don’t Write Complex Sentence
    To improve your writing ability, try as much as possible to avoid the complex sentence. Instead, try to use a simple sentence with an appropriate punctuation mark.
  5. Proofread Your Content
    As a beginner, you can start with 300words. Endeavour to proofread what you have written many times before you give it to an editor to go through it. The reason for proofreading is for you to be able to detect your errors and make the appropriate correction. Sometimes, while writing we do make mistakes which can be corrected after we proofread it many times.
  6. Attach Yourself To Writers
    Although we all believe that writing is an individual activity, but yet a professional won’t underestimate the necessary comments for each of their content.
    You need to find writers that are better than you in writing. Talk to them to check on your work and give comments. Some may tell you that your spellings are poor or the use of the tenses in your work is not proper. Don’t be offended you only need to work on those areas to improve your writing skills and grammar.
  7. Learn More About Your Language
    It is very important to keep learning about your language. For, example, if you are writing in English you can keep reading the dictionary for more words and also read tutorials about the language of your choice(English language). If you have enough words in your vocabulary box, it will help you not to get stuck while you are writing.
  8. Make Use Of Grammarly Check Tool
    I will also recommend this tool in my post, I find it to be useful for new beginners. If you are using an android phone or computer, Grammarly check is available for you. You only need to register on their website. Download their software and login to your account through the software. This tool is premium and also there is also a free version with a limited check. The work of this tool is to check for grammatical errors in your content and also correct your spellings automatically if you are using the Grammarly check keyboard for android phone.
  9. Admire Other Writers
    You need to follow up with any writer that you believe to be your role model. Learn how he normally writes and practices to imitate his writing skills.
  10. Don’t Ever Neglect Research
    I will always keep saying it, do your research before you start writing. If you don’t have enough information about what you want to write about, you will be stuck. Make sure you have done your research and you’ve known the topic very well before you start writing.


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