Increase online presence

Your dream is to build a strong online presence or increase your online presence… Right?
You have been struggling offline and finally decided to move your business online… Excellent decision!
I will explain all you need to increase your online presence at zero cost.
You will need the following techniques:
Social Media Websites(Twitter and Instagram)

Search Engine Optimization(Google and Bing)

Unique Content writing

To start with the explanation, you actually need to get a blog for your business.
For instance, if you are into traveling business all you will do is to get a blog ready.
You can consult experts to help you design one or contact us to help you design one.
The reasons why we recommend a blog instead of a static website are:

The blog is more active than a static website– Blog is being updated regularly with helpful information but the static website is just a page with a piece of information about your business.

The blog attracts more visitors than a static website– We are building a strong online presence for your brand. So, having a blog is preferable especially the SEO. Search engine favours a blog that is rich in content over just a static website.

You have seen reasons why we recommend a blog right? Yes, we have mentioned all the reasons and we are going straight to how to increase online presence of your business.

Social Media Presence
Having a strong online presence also include your social media strength.
For you to have good social media strength, you need to have a large number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. The more your followers stronger your online presence becomes. So, focus mainly on Instagram and Twitter. This is not a platform where you can build a friend list for chatting or hanging out. We are targeting the platform where your followers can easily share and propagate your information in seconds.
However, it is not easy to start building followers with a new account. There are many online tools that you can use to build followers easily at zero cost. Although some are premium depending on how fast you want the followers.

Best Website To Get Instagram Followers

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers In 3 days

Search Engine Presence
This has something to do with your blog and the content therein. The truth about the internet is that there are billions of information about what the business you are about to start or you have started. But there is an advantage for you if your own information is unique and able to solve problems. I usually feel sad whenever I search the internet(Google) for something and I find myself reading one particular information on different blogs and websites. Junks have dominated the internet… It will be an edge for you if your content is always unique.
When people discover that your content is always unique, whenever they search the web for information they will like to click to read your post on that topic.

In Conclusion, a strong Online presence makes you dominate the web and make your business boom. I have explained how you can increase online presence of your business. All you will do is to make it happen in real life.
Drop your questions as a comment and we will answer you.


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