Make money using your phone

One of the best and innovative ways of making money is to earn money by using your phone. Not even your laptop this time. Have you ever think of staying indoor and see yourself smiling to the bank? People are doing it and I myself is a living testimony. What I have brought to the space of humanity is the invention of mobile technology. Not only that, and how you can use it to start making money with it. Some have been using their mobile phone for only chatting and calls, while some have maximally utilized their phones to its full potentials. So, after reading this post you can have a rethink and push yourself out of those using phone for playing games, chatting 24/7 and upgrade to the level of the people smiling to the bank with the help of mobile phone. Do you know you can make money and in fact, living with your mobile phone? We will be giving a few steps and what you can do to make money with your phone.

Affiliate Marketing
Yes, this may be new to you, it may be your very first time of reading and hearing it for the first time. Affiliate marketing could be seen also as a way of getting potential clients to an industry in need of the clients. The client will be redirected to your vendor through your referral link, all you have to do is provide your link to the clients to get to your publisher. There are billions of products requesting for affiliate marketer that can promote their products and earn a commission. You may think that it is very difficult but certainly not. If you really want to focus your career as an affiliate marketer, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a niche: This is very important before you start promoting any products. Think deeply and choose your best niche. For example, you may choose mobile phones as your niche. It means all you are promoting is basically about phones.
  2. Get yourself a blog: it is very necessary to get yourself a blog where you will be writing a review about the product you are promoting. The blog is easy and cheap to set up especially if you are using the Google Blogger. Get a domain name! For each product, you are promoting after the review make sure you out buy now button(Your affiliate link to that product) which will lead your potential buyers to the purchase page. You will earn a commission for each sale, the commission for each product is regulated by the affiliate programs you are partnering with. Obviously, you can do all these with your smartphone.
  3. Choose Your Affiliate Programs: There are millions of affiliate programs on the internet that can even pay $100 + for just one customer you refer to them. Do proper research on the type of affiliate program that sells the products related to your niche. Do you want to know affiliate programs that pay more than $100? Read ==> 6 Popular Affiliate Programs That Pay $100 Per Sale

Drop shipping
Drop shipping is the act of getting goods to your potential customers or clients, deliver everything they may be needing to their doorsteps. You can make a huge amount of money via drop shipping, you can bank with a different online e-commerce platform. Believe me, some guys are earning big income just by delivering products to customers at their resident. You don’t need a PC or desktop to start this kind of business. I also recommend this as part of the way to make money by using your phone. Here are the simple steps on how to start a drop shipping business 2019:

  1. Find your drop shipping niche: This is not easy because of the level competition. You need to do proper research on the niche with low competitors. For example, in your country, those that are into clothing niche may be minute. So, it is good to pick it as your niche.
  2. Find a reliable drop ship suppliers: This can be the most difficult aspect if you don’t really know much about your niche. You need suppliers! And for you to get a reliable one can be a challenge. As a drop shipper, you get your products from your suppliers. So, in other words, the suppliers are your business partners. Make sure they sell quality products before partnering with them.
  3. Get a sale tax ID: Although this is not necessary for some countries before you kick start as a drop shipper. But if you are in the USA, compulsorily you must get your sales tax ID.
  4. Get Your Online Store or Marketplace: It is not a must to get your own online store as a drop shipper. Amazon and Etsy are good places where you can showcase your products. Buyers are available to buy what you sell. After purchase, you ensure that the products get to their doorsteps by monitoring. There are many courier companies that can help you with this… No need for any alarm! Perhaps, you want to build a brand with such a business; you can get your own e-commerce store where buyers can order for products.

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Selling Bitcoin
This is another big time investment. Bitcoin is simply an online currency you could use to procure goods, pay for services and many others. A lot of people are in need of bitcoin, another thing you need to know about these online currencies is that they appreciate over time.
As long as you keep this in your wallet, you can see at your rate and convert to cash to your bank account number.
All you have to be careful of is, take necessary steps to verify the vendors you want to work with. With this, you can make money with your phones.

Online survey
There is a different online platform that gives you ample opportunity to answer questions and research online, you will be paid for a number of research questions you answer and number of time you attempt a survey.

Another way peeps have been using their cell phones to make money is to get work fro different online freelance platform, you get a topic to write for your clients then you will be paid in return.

Do you need to earn a living? There is a various online platform that opens the door of transactions. you could partner with to make your cool cash. Part of these is what I have explained as the way of making money using your phone.


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