make money with your twitter account

Did you have an active Twitter account and you want to start making money from it? If yes, then this is the right article for you. Let me tell you there is no opportunity that will be pardoned this 2019. Don’t think that you are not a blogger or freelancers, you can still earn with what you have only if you can seek after knowledge. Just imagine when money is entering just for you to tweet sponsored post! This time around if your Twitter account is inactive it is now the time to revive it and make it active. Without any much talk, These are ways on how to make money with your Twitter account.

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Sponsored Tweets– This is known to be an advertising platform for Twitter users. They permit you to enter your desired rate for pay per click. Also, you can also pick the promotions you want to tweet from a rundown of accessible advertisements that are refreshed routinely. There is some policy that your Twitter account must meet before you can start making money using their platform. You must have more than 50 Twitter followers and 100 tweets, Not only that, your Twitter account must be at least 2months.– This is another platform where you can make money with your Twitter account. They offer a benefit that gives you a chance to convey commercials in your tweets. In any case, you don’t get paid-per-click. Rather, you make a profile of your interests, at that point sponsors can pick your record to advertise. You and the advertiser will agree on the price rate and you are getting paid as you run the ads on your Twitter.

Rev Twt– This is a popular ads network where you can make income with your Twitter account. However, this platform pays their users based on the number of Twitter followers that is acquired by the participants i.e the more the Twitter followers you have and also the higher your fame, In fact, the more prominent access you will have to higher-paying ads. Once your earnings reach $20, the money will be sent to your PayPal account with no delay.

The Twittad– Twittad professes to be one of the first platforms that started sponsored tweet systems. You can set your very own rate for per-click action, yet you need to trust that sponsors will acknowledge your offer. You will likewise need to recognize your own niche so that sponsors can know what your niche is about and the particular ads that can match your Twitter account. Whenever your earnings reach $30, your payment will be sent to your twitter account.

Mylikes– This is another broad advertising network where you can make money with your Twitter, Tumblr, blog and Youtube. You have the opportunity to pick any sponsored ads from the numerous available sponsored ads, and you get the opportunity to schedule the time which the advert will be tweeted from your Mylikes account. You can be making as much as $0.42/click , and you can be getting your payout week by week.

Paidpertweet– Are you not happy to be paid just for you to tweet for companies? On this platform you are permitted to buzz for companies by setting your own price to Tweet press releases, website links, products promo, companies, services and to also help the companies gain more exposure. With no doubt paidpertweet is one of the sure ways to make money with your twitter account.

Another way to earn money with your Twitter account is by sharing your affiliate link on your Twitter account. Join any affiliate programs and start earning with your Twitter.


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