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The website is one of the important tools in business, it is a web page that your prospective customers can visit to read about your company. However, your website visitors need to be convinced whenever they visit your website before they can become your regular customers. At a glance, customers that visit your website can trust your service without too much talk only if you know how to create customer’s trust. In this article, I will teach you how you can build trust with your website visitors.
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Add a credibility bar
Adding credibility bar to your website page is a fast and sure way to build trust with your website visitors. Well, it is your choice and also depends on the achievement of your business. What did you think can be added on your website as credibility bar? All you need to add is nothing more than your achievements and your rating. Your achievement can include the logos of the publications that your business(company) has been featured on. Not only that, but it may also involve your business partners that you have worked with. Add their logos on your website page. Truth be told, as a new company, you are not expected to have gotten enough achievements overnight, all you can do is to use review badges, rating system or you can also use accreditation or certifications.

Create a video testimonial
Only the marketers that understand the power of Video are enjoying the 64% authentic leads compared to those that are not into video making. More also, research made it known to us that 94% of businesses are utilizing the effectiveness of video to drive more leads from the website visitors. You will agree with me that video and your business are symbiotic and likewise the business clients and customers. Having known the convincing power of video in marketing, using videos as testimonials on your website will be great, the combining power of what people see and what they read can go a long way in trust building. Why don’t you combine the customer testimonials and videos to make a video testimonial which is going to be on your website? It is something simple! Just pick one of the happy customers that you have worked with. Conduct an interview testimonial video or you can tell your happy customer to record a testimonial about your company and send the video record to you. However, it doesn’t matter the quality of the video that you create, the important thing is for your website visitors to relate to your happy customers. They will know that your business is real and they will like to join your happy customers.

Do something impressive
If you don’t know how to impress your customers with sweet talk then you need to learn. Impressing your customers is one the best strategy for those who have already gotten the attention of the market. The best time you would have something impressive to say is when people love your products. You can still do something even if you are just new in the market, did you know that one of the quickest ways you can get the trust of your visitors is the first impression. On your website page, displaying the company’s board of directors can send a good signal to your visitors. Not only that, you can use convincing words to explain your profession. The truth is that visitors can easily trust whom they know about, don’t be anonymous.


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