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Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool developed by Google. Many people will ask me what is the relevance of GMB? Well, the objective of this development is to help business owners to manage their online presence. As a businessman you need to understand the impact of Google My business to your own business. There is no doubt GMB will increase your business exposure across all the search engines. Not only that, it will also generate a map location where people can easily find your business.

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What you must Know about Google My Business
You need to know that Google My Business service is free. More also, it cannot replace your website. We all know the benefits of a website to a business. Google My Business will only help your website to be found in the search engine. Not only that, all the information concerning your business will be seen in all the Google products such as Google Maps, Google Search and more. Although, it is likely to have your business in the Google search engine already, especially if your business is not new. Notwithstanding, you need Google My Business for effective management of your business profile.

Starting Your Google My Business Listing

Step 1: Google searches your business name to know if your business has not been listed. Perhaps you find your business name listed in the GMB listing, you only need to claim it. You can now start managing your GMB listing after you have claimed your business.
Visit Google My Business page for adding and claiming GMB listingsĀ and input your business address and name. At this stage, make sure the address and the name you input have not been claimed in the listing. The website was programmed to notify you if your business information has been claimed perhaps your business has been claimed by another person- you only need to complain via their support section.

Remember to input all your business information correctly and avoid spelling errors and grammatical errors.

Step 2: Verify Your Google My Business Listing
It is important to verify your business immediately after submitting or editing your business information. Your business visibility and performance can only be activated until after the verification process. However, this is done to ensure that the details about your business are real information about you. The verification process is via a pin, Google will send a pin to your postal address which will be used to verify your business listing.

Step 3: Publish Your Google My Business Listing
After verification, you also need to make use of the available resources offered by Google My Business to optimize your business listing, visibility and the location. To fully optimize your business, you need to fill all your business data completely. For better Search engine optimization, it is advisable to use important keywords to your listing. This will help your business to get more attention from the search engine. Another important thing you must know is that never neglect photos on your listing, include photos which are obviously your profile picture, logo image, cover photo and additional pictures.


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