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Do you want more Google traffic? If yes, then you must first do a keyword search. This is to make you understand exactly what people are really looking for on Google search engine.
Fortunately, Google has a free keyword search tool with which you can do it for you at zero cost. Although, this tool will not allow you to know the exact volume of people searching for those keywords unlike other keyword tools such as SEMRush and Ubersuggest. However, the Google keyword tool can still help you see the keywords people are searching for. And if you need to see the volume of the keyword then you will need to spend money to run a Google AdWords campaign.

But do not let me exaggerated this particular tool. Google Keyword tool is an incredibly powerful tool that has obvious advantages. Last but not least, the fact that keyword ideas are suggested is that you can not find elsewhere. Believe me, I have been using this Google keyword search tool even if I have a premium account on SEMRush. This is how I do it, I will use the Google keyword tool to look for what people are searching for and later use SEMRush to check for the volume and the competition.

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Search for keywords with the Google keyword tool:
I hope you have a basic understanding of the Google keyword tool. We are now moving to the real work here. It is our goal is to look for a low to medium to high competition with Google Search, Google’s keyword search tool. Before you begin, there is a small question:

Which is the best?
Do you want traffic that is not targeted or not?
If your answer is “targeted traffic”, the targeted that am talking about here is– if you want your traffic to be mainly from Google and also on a particular niche. Then do not neglect the keywords with lower volume. Because this concerns your niche, if it won’t bring much traffic now, it will definitely help you in the long run. Also, you will need to use the Google trends together with your Google keyword tool to check the evolution of your targeted keyword traffic over time.

Discover keywords Using Google Instant Search(Google Keyword Tool)

Google Instant Search is the first base of an ideal keyword tool. It’s like a keyword discovery tool that allows you to create a lot of ideas. Although you may not be able to use them all. Obviously, this is also different from the Google Keyword Planner. The Google keyword planner is also another Google tool for keyword research. The major difference between the two is that, Google Instant search doesn’t require you to create an account while it is necessary to log in with Google account before you can start using the Google keyword planner. But they both work similarly! The first step is to think of some ideas for keywords you wanted to research. Place any keyword associated with your location, You have entered “top 10 SEO” and Google Instant for suggested search results. Depending on the nature of your publication, you can choose the two that are best for you. Don’t be confused! You will input the keyword into your Google search bar without hitting the search button. After you input the keywords, you will see the list of suggested keywords that you can use.

Suggested words for Google Instant Search

Once you’ve found 2 to 3 keywords, you will add them to Google’s keyword suggestion tool and search. So I chose two keywords in the list: “top 10 SEO tools 2019” and “top 10 SEO tools 2018”. This is because they are similar to my niche and the two keywords are meaningful to me. Not only that, but I can also write a long-form article about them. The next step is to determine if these two keywords have a traffic advantage or if they are another low-value keywords, you will need to check for their CPC(cost per click). This is when you will need other SEO tools such as SEMRush or Ubersuggest. But, if you are not bothered about the search volume of the keywords, you can start with the next step.

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Let’s move on to the next step:

Keyword Research Analysis
The next thing that you will do now is to put the two search suggested keywords in the search tool and I do a search, I give myself the details of the type of search I’m doing and also shows the associated keyword ideas. Well, that’s the keyword for the gold mine, because you can find many relevant keywords that you can target in the same article, or you can create a follow-up writeup. You also need to check on the top 10 search results after you search the suggested keywords. Do some studies on each of the articles. It is preferable to know the number of words for each of the first 10 search results of your competitors. It will give you the idea of the number of words you need to get rank for this keyword.

Keyword ideas from the Keyword Planner Tool
I usually refer to 2-3 keywords for each post. Depending on the number of words and the quality of the article, I am writing an article that will contain more than 1000words, I will use one targeted keywords which will appear more and also include other 2 or 3 related keywords. I am not saying you should copy what am doing. Likewise, you can also create your own SEO strategy. For instance, I particularly chose only two keywords and it is time to determine which is the least competitive. Previously, you can change the filter to see if the targeted keyword matches exactly.

In conclusion, I have explained how you can make use of the keyword tool or the Google keyword planner to drive more traffic to your blog. If you are a businessman, you only need to start getting suggested keywords that is only related to your business. You can get it from Google instant search. All you need to do is to follow the procedures that I have listed and explained above.


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