How to use keywords in Naukri

Have you heard about Naukri? Well, Naukri is an India based website, an online job platform where people can seek for and apply for a job. Not only that, it is a platform for company owners and recruiters where they can hire the right person that needs a job. This website is created in the year 1997 and it has been a great help to the people that need a job. In fact, it is of help to those that are willing to get a job in India. The truth there is that Naukri is not as easy compared to the time when there are few people seeking for the same job that you want your potential employer to hire you for, it has now become a great competition between the job seekers. Take, for example, perhaps you are a web developer, you should know that on this same platform there are thousands of people that are also web developer like you. Obviously, there is now a 100% increase in competition and everyone will strife to get hired or employed by the recruiters. That is exactly what I observed about the platform and it prompts me to write about how to use keywords in Naukri. I took my time to study this platform even though am not a resident of India. However, Naukri will allow you to register on their platform for free, complete your profile, and submit your Resume with a compelling headline. Let me add this information to it before I continue with what am saying, on this platform, make sure that you fill all the required information on your profile. In fact, don’t leave a stone unturned. Complete everything and verify your phone number and email address. This will be an advantage for you when recruiters or someone that need your service view your profile. Don’t forget that there are many profiles of people that want the same job as you want it. Recruiters or people that need an employee will visit this website and search for people that need a job through a specific keyword. So, what is a keyword? Why you should know how to use keywords in Naukri? A keyword is a phrase or words that summarize all that content (resume) is all about and it is also important to use it properly when you are writing your resume headlines on Naukri. As I have said earlier that keyword is what people that want to hire you will use to find you on the platform. You need to tweak the keyword so that you can get many job offers on the platform.

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The question is that How can you now use the keyword on the platform? Well, it is not difficult; all you need to do is to optimize the keyword in both your resume and the headlines. Using more than one keyword in your resume headline is very important especially if you want recruiters to get connected to you on the platform. However, you must know how to use keywords in Naukri especially in the Resume headline. Take a glance at this headline of an SEO manager on the platform “2 years professional experience in SEO activities in the e-commerce industry, on-page and off-page SEO tools, knowledge of keyword planner, Google analytics” compare this headline with the one created by this user “4 years experience in SEO activities”. Obviously, the first user with just 2 years of experience will get more offers than the user with 4 years of experience. You can see that the latter user makes use of SEO activities as his keyword in the headline while the former user with just 2 years of experience includes some other keyword related to his skills.

Search keywords in Naukri
Search and suggested keywords on Naukri

The scope behind this is that not all the recruiters are expert in searching Naukri for job seekers. Can you imagine if someone that needs SEO manager just inputs the keyword “knowledge of keyword planner”? With no doubt, the user with 2 years of experience will be shortlisted in the search result. More also, don’t because of this and use many keywords in your headlines; using two to three keywords is advisable because the headline can only contain 250 characters. You can also add the other keywords to your profile if you want to fully optimize your skills. Hope you have seen how to use keywords in Naukri?


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