What Exactly is SEMRush?
SEMRush is a profitable keyword search tool. This is the time when SEO has become the cornerstone of every successful blog. This tool SEMRush is being used by both the new bloggers and the old, This is to improve the content of their websites by creating the desired content for the public. Not only that but to also create a better experience for their visitors.
However, if you have not been this tool, this article is for you. You are not far away from how you can use it to get more traffic. So, have you been writing an article which people are not reading? SEMRush will help you to know the keyword that is rocking the internet.
Well, SEMRush pricing may be too high for the beginners but they offer a free 14-day trial. In fact, if you are not interested to extend to the premium package. Free users are given the privilege to use their magic keyword tool for a maximum of 10 keywords. This is the time to change the story of your blog to better. Perhaps SEMRush will do that only if you know how to use it effectively for better performance.

Get To Know Your Blog Rank
The first thing you must know is your blog rank. This is what you can check using the tool in question. Login to your SEMrush account and input your domain name.
You are going to see the traffic overview of your blog. This will show how your blog is doing based on the search traffic your blog is receiving in both organic traffic and paid traffic. So, you can equally check for your blog rank in your keywords. With this, you can deduce if your blog is ranking well or not.
If you like, there is a download option for users interested in having the report of their blog overview report as a pdf. You can easily change the date for you to see the progress of your website over a different period of your choice.

Get To Know How Your Competitors Are Ranking
Obviously, millions of blogs are competing with you on a particular keyword. However, you need to know your competitors so that you will know how to overtake them. The fastest way is to know exactly what they are doing and the keywords they are using. With SEMRush you can track the keywords of your competitors and you can check on what is lacking on their content. You can now improve on it. If your competitor wrote 1000words on a keyword, you can develop the content of 2000words on this same keywords. This will make you hit success as you continue doing it.
If your competitors are getting any traffic on a particular keyword which is relevant to your own blog, You can also target that same keyword. There is nothing wrong with it!
I will like to explain some terms that you will see while using SEMRush research tool. The following are the terms:

Keywords: Keywords are the keyphrase that the search engine uses to sort out content to the user’s query. For a particular keyword, thousands of content may be available. So, if user search for a query, the search engine will produce search results which keyword match with the query.
Volume: This is the estimated traffic that is generated with these keywords monthly.
Cost Per Click (CPC): CPC which means cost per click is the amount advertisers pay per click for advertising this keyword (US $).
URL: Web page that is generating traffic.
Position: This is where these keywords are in the search results.
Traffic: The average proportion of all visits a site receives from that keyword.

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Find new keyword opportunities
When you log in to your account, there is an option available to find newly available keywords. Click on the magical keyword tool, and input a keyword that you are intending to use. For example, I input “Freelance”, SEMRush will provide you with many keywords that match the term you entered in the box. You have limited to the number of keywords opportunity you can see if you are SEMRush free version, You can even find keywords opportunities based on your preferred country. The report will show you the following:
The number of traffic generated by each keyword monthly.
The cost per click for each keyword.
The number of search results available for each keyword.
You can now choose the keyword with high volume, I will advise you to check your competitors on that keyword before you pick.

Find better advertising opportunities
There are website owners who pay a lot of money for traffic on networks such as Google AdWords while using their traffic for free. AdWords can be very expensive. If you find these companies, you can earn money by suggesting placing your ads directly on your website or even joining their affiliate program.
SEMRush makes things easier. Analyze all the keywords that you have evaluated, then select the companies that pay the ads based on these keywords and display them in a chart.
If we look at our example of Jeffbullas, we find that the following sites implement paid ads for very good keywords. Paid traffic is an important indicator of keywords allowing bloggers to make money.

Write down your current rankings
Another important feature of SEMRush is that you can follow current and past evaluation reports. You can see different trends in all areas of your blog. It is likely that many bloggers who do not use SEMRush do not really remember keywords or posts that have really done well in terms of organic traffic. They may assume that something has worked for them in the past, but they do not know exactly which terms or pages were successful and why.

In conclusion, we have explained in details on how to use SEMRush to generate more traffic and revenue to your blog. You can check on their website to check for SEMRush price. If you want to take blogging as a full-time business, it is better to go for the premium membership account.


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