There is no doubt, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of growing your business either it is small scale or large scale business. Truth be told, we all love to check or chat with our friends if not three times per day, almost all our relatives are on social media. In fact, research made it clear that more than two billion users are on social media particularly Facebook.You will agree with me that your prospective customers(those that will be interested in your services or products) are also included among the two billion users. It is interesting right? Learning social media marketing will teach you how to get the attention of your customers out of the billions of users that logged to social media per day. Anyway, on this blog you will not only learn how to use social media marketing to get traffic or customers but also where you can earn about other marketing skills such as email marketing, SEO marketing, content marketing, e.t.c
However, this article is how you can use social media marketing to grow your business. The following are the ways which you can grow your business using social media.

1. Create Your Social media profile
This is expected to be the first step, you can’t just start marketing with any social media without having account. For instance, if you will be using facebook as a marketing tools that means you will register an account with facebook. If the business is not individual, you will need to create a facebook page.

2. Increase Your Leads
What are leads? Leads are group of individuals, set of people or organisation interested in your products or services. Not only that, they are ready to buy your products or patronize you. This is the most difficult area when it comes to social media marketing because many things need to be done to get the attention of your customers. You need to post a catchy and educative post concerning your products or services with a good graphics design. The posting should be regular not once in a blue moon and give room for discussion after each post. You can also add call to action button depending on your creativity. However, this is not what you start in a day and sit back expecting good results! It is a continuous process even after seeing growth in your business you still need to continue feeding your leads with good post.

3. Drive social media traffic to your website
Website is a collection of web pages which contain a particular set of information about you, services or your products. You need a website which is about your business(products or services), your products are shown on the website with a detailed information. The social media websites provide you with organic traffic which is generated in the cause of regular posting. Posting good content concerning your niche on the social media will attract more followers. They need to be utilized as a traffic pool to your website where they can see and read more about your products or services. In fact, traffic from social media will boost the search engine optimization of your website. Good SEO will also bring customers from search engine to your website. If you don’t have a website you can contact us at a cheaper price and if you have already move to the next stage.

4. Collaborate with social media influencers
This should never be left out, influencers are people with strong social media presence. The role of influencers in growing your business is very important and you can easily partner with them by mentioning them on social media or by direct contact with them. Take for instance, a twitter user having 70,000 followers can tweet about your products and bring more than 100 loyal customers. Whenever, you collaborate with influencers it builds trust and integrity with customers. Not only that, it makes your customers to believe in your products or services. Hence, it is better to partner with many influencers for better results.

5. Learn from your rivals
You can search through social media like facebook to check the growth of your competitors. For example, your business name is disney and your product is pen, you can search for any of your competitor that produce pen on facebook or any other social media websites. Check how they are relating with their customers on social and make your own better. You can offer discount to first ten people that comment on your post or you organize a give away contest between your followers depending on your creativity. The important fact you should know is that, for you to gain the attention of your rivals customer you need to do something that is better than what they are doing.


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