If you have been writing for long and your content doesn’t attracts likes, shares and comments; then you need to ask yourself am I really writing well? Let me say the fact, if readers are not engaged with the content you are producing then creating a content for marketing may not be productive. Writing good content will bring many shares and likes hereby increasing the number of readers. Therefore, if you can’t write content that can get the attention of readers then you need to learn. There are millions of search questions on google on how to write content for marketing, professional bloggers understand the power of good content in marketing, so they always want to learn something new that will get the attention of more readers. I will teach you how to write content for marketing I.e content that will attract buyers or clients. Here are the 5 steps you need to follow before you write content for marketing. 

  1. Select the attractive topics
    This is the most difficult thing in content writing, before you can start writing you need to choose a topic that you will write about. There are different topic ideas about your business or niche but the problem is about being attractive enough to win the heart of your prospective customers.You need to do some research before you write about that topic. There are some research tools such as Google Trends, Buzzsumo and feely; you can use this tools to check out for the trending topics. Not only that, you can visit Reddit and Quora to find popular questions related to your niche or business then make that question a topic.
  2. Research your keyword & Contents
    Well, research will always consume your time and it can be stressful sometimes because that is the only means of writing good catchy contents. In fact, so many studies have shown us that there is no difference in the time you spent on each of the post. The big question is what are you researching on? Below are what you need to research:
    Before you start writing on the topic you have gotten, you need to search google for such a similar topics. Not only that, read more than 3 articles to know how experts write on that topic and how they cover all the information relating to the topic. You also need to read the users comment on that article for you to know which area that is not addressed in that content. You should be able to address them in your own content, search for relevant information such as: case studies, statistics, examples to strenghten your facts.
    Never forget to reserve enough time to do research on your targeted customers or audience, knowing what your readers like is also very important. If your audience like videos that means you need to add videos to your content. If they like more pictures, simply add more pictures to your post.
    Good content having likes and shares have gone through many research, you also need to research the keyword to be used in the content. You can use tools like ubersuggest or SEMRush to get the hot keywords. Keywords are phrase that is constantly used in the content, the main reason of using good keyword is for search engine optimization. You will be getting good traffic from Google and other related search engine if you used good keywords.
  3. Write Good Introduction
    Introduction is very important in a content and it can determine if your readers should continue reading your content or they should bounce out of your page. The first 50 or 100 words in your content should be able to make your readers to salivate or keep reading. However, if your introduction is dry then your readers may not continue reading and will not make them like or share your post. Take time to think on how to capture the heart of your readers with just the first 100 words.
  4. Make use of paragraph, sub-headings and spacing
    Using good paragraph, sub-headings and spacing where necessary in your content will enhance good readability. Truth be told, it is not all your readers that can read English language very well. However, using good paragraph, spacing may help them to easily understand what you are talking about. You can divide your topic into subheadings it will help your content readability.
  5. Write a nice conclusion
    Although it may not be necessary in all contents. Nevertheless, it is still important in your content because it summarize all you are talking about. In fact, you can end your conclusion with a question which will make your readers to comment even if they are not willing to do.


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