Online SEO tools are very important if you truly want to increase your Adsense earnings. Not only that, they are necessary if you want good traffic from the search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Though it may demands more of your time for using these tools. First and foremost, I will like to talk briefly on Adsense before I start with how to use the free SEO tools to boost your Adsense. There is no doubt, Google Adsense still remain to be the most popular earning platform for bloggers. Many bloggers(beginners and professionals) want to be getting more income from Adsense on monthly basis. Google Adsense pays at the end of the month only if your money is up to $100, bloggers always want to meet up with this threshold for them to be paid by Google at the end of the month. Earning enough income from Adsense can be frustrating to beginners. In fact, some started after 3months they stopped because their earnings is nothing to write home about. To be plain with this fact, I started with a blog in some years ago; I applied for Adsense and I was approved but the issue I had then was my earnings. I earned $8 in my Adsense account throughout my blogging in that year, I was frustrated. The truth is that high income from Google requires using lucrative keywords in your content. This is what I don’t know about Adsense before I sold my account. Likewise, other beginners that are frustrated with their low Adsense earning need to know how to use the SEO tools to increase their earning.

What is Online SEO Tools?
Online SEO tools are online tools that is used in finding keywords especially lucrative keywords. There are some keywords that will make you earn $85 per click(2 clicks will pay you $170) while there are also some keywords that is $0.5 per click. In most cases, beginners write on low paying keywords which make their earning to be low in spite of their huge traffic.Online SEO tools will help you to see the lucrative keywords that will boost or increase your Adsense earnings. There are different online SEO tools that you can use to find the best keywords that will increase your earning. Some of these tools are:
1. Google keyword planner
2. Semrush
3. Uber suggest
How you can Increase your Earnings using Online SEO Tools?
I listed some of the most popular SEO tools that you can use to discover the lucrative keywords. However, I will talk mainly on Semrush, the reason is that, Semrush is easy to use and it has a lot of features which will make you get the best information about the keywords. pick your pen and write how you can use the this tool to increase your Adsense earnings.

Firstly, you need to register on their website before you start using the tool and the registration is free. Though there is paid version but as a beginner you can start with the free version. Before you can register visit their website:
and you will be taken to their homepage.
After your registration, Input your details in the provided space which you will see on the website page.
After signing into your account, navigate to your Dashboard which you can easily see after you logged into your account.
On the off chance you need to discover the lucrative keywords, the next thing is to input the blog’s name in the provided box. The blog of the same niche with your own blog. For instance, I have utilized “” in light of the fact that it’s one of the popular blog in blogging for money niche.
Move your mouse to the “Organic Keywords ” area. You are going to see some well known keywords. Tap the “Full Report”.
Subsequently tap the “Full Report”, it will take you to a page containing the rundown of the Keywords. With the end goal to locate the lucrative Keywords(lucrative keyword). Tap on the connection which demonstrates the cost per click(CPC).
After you tap the CPC, It will take you to a different page, this will demonstrate to you the rundown of lucrative keywords.
Check through the rundown and see the highest paying keywords. On the off chance, you need to expand the earnings you are getting from Adsense, Some of these keywords has good cost per click of $85, However, This keyword will earn you $85 for just a click. Isn’t that nice?
How I Boosted my Earnings utilizing Semrush?
In the above explanation, I have just clarified the strategy for discovering lucrative keywords utilizing “Semrush”. However, I began utilizing Semrush as I attempted to think on the lucrative keywords for my content which is used by my competitor. Around then, I focused on a keyword “Online Seo tools” since the cost per click was $25. I also consider its uniqueness because no much article regarding this keyword. After publishing this post, There is increase in my Google Adsense cost per click.
For you to be able to increase your Adsense earnings, Not only that, you need to give time to do research on the lucrative keywords before you provide content for it. It is better have 50 articles with lucrative keywords than 300 articles with low paying keywords. There is no how you can know the lucrative keywords without using the online SEO tools.


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