Instagram's iOS users

Instagram’s iOS users can now post to multiple accounts at a time, I believe this will be good news to all the iOS users. Instagram announced this latest feature will favour the users that are using different accounts. Well, this option is available and will grant all their iOS users permission to share their content feed across multiple accounts in which they are managing. According to the statement of Instagram spokesman, he says “We are bringing to you this feature in order to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,”
Although many people may not understand the relevance and value of this new feature. I will say that the social media managers and marketers managing more than 3 accounts that are owned by a brand will find it easier to post content feed across all the accounts at once without much stress and effort.
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Many people will say but there is a social media marketing tool that allows marketers to share content across their social media account on a go. Yes, it is true but don’t you think it will be easier to post to many accounts within the app than to pay for a tool for the service. Not only that, influencers such as the celebrities that are using the network will benefit from this feature, Most of this celebrities or influencers have many accounts, this feature will make it easier for them to share common promotional content feed across their multiple Instagram accounts.

Fact about this feature
This feature which allows Instagram’s iOS users to share the same content feed across two or more accounts at the same time is only for users using Instagram’s iOS app, However, there is no promise or hope of bringing this feature to Android users.

Instagram launched this their new features last month, which also includes the ability of users to give a response to questions sticker with songs. Not only that, countdown sticker for Stories and new Instagram Live stickers are also included.

Finally, Twitter shut down this same features last year because of too much of spamming, Instagram adopted these features but was restricted to only iOS users. I believe Instagram do this to curb spamming because of the percentage of iOS users fewer compared to the Android users.


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