Is yoast still the best SEO plugin

Is yoast still the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Well, I won’t answer the question now, I believe after reading this content you will get an answer to this question. Many years back, the Yoast plugin has become the favourite of many webmasters, its popularity is growing day by day. I wonder if it was the wonderful features embedded in it that really make it be the number one choice of all the webmasters. Funny enough, I was using Yoast plugin on this my blog. Sometimes I will just say to myself why not use another SEO plugin, I will just smile and keep going with Yoast. Well, the same thing happens to those using it. But does that now make it be the best out of all the SEO plugins that are available? Yoast happens to be a flexible plugin with many features such as Keyword suggestion, multiple keywords, readability check, meta tags, webmaster section, e.t.c, all these features are very easy to use compared to some other SEO plugins.

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I will talk on some alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin. Let’s take look at All in one SEO pack.

All in One SEO Pack is another SEO popular SEO plugin used by webmasters. The features include:
Bad Bot Blocker
File Editor
Social Media Integration
Video Sitemap for paid version only

However, it is also free to use like Yoast SEO plugin. Although, it also has the Pro version which is available for people that want to enjoy the full features of the plugin. Yet Yoast still claims its first position, perhaps it was the Interface of All in one pack which requires excessive scrolling. And it is not user-friendly(easy to use) compared to Yoast in question.

Others include– SEOpressor which also offers similar features but not easy to use like Yoast, SEO by Squirrly is another powerful SEO plugin for beginners. It has many features that can improve your search engine optimization(On-page). This plugin is not as popular as Yoast, which make it difficult for beginners to seek help when needed. For the Yoast plugin, there are numerous communities of experts and beginner where you can ask questions and get your problem solved.



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