Reasons why I disable AMP on my blog

The truth is that AMP is good in some areas which include better SEO performance. However, this morning I finally I decided to disable AMP on this my blog which I was happy with.  Although, I am not trying to convince other business owner or bloggers to stop using AMP I just feel like to share my experience with all my followers about it. Truthfully, when I started using AMP I was happy with it because I was ranked higher on Google search engine and I never thought I would later write on reasons why I disable AMP on my blog.  With time I started seeing some reasons why I need to stop using the AMP. Before I start to explain, I should discuss briefly on AMP for the benefit of those that don’t know about this development. What is AMP? AMP simply means Accelerated Mobile Pages which concept was developed by Google in the year 2015. The main objective of this development is to speed up the page loading time. Well, AMP version of your blog or website consists of HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and Cache. This cache enables the search engine to collect the data or content of your web pages and easily load it directly as cache from the background (from their server) to your visitors whenever they want to view your page. It seems nice, right? But the question is why do I need to disable it? Despite all the advantages and the mode of speed that it renders, I still find it hard to use it.  With no doubt, speed is very important but your page information is being loaded directly from Google server, it was the beginning of my issue with AMP. Take for instance, On Google search results instead of users to see and visit your link directly, they will be expose to link such as which simply means that my website is loading from Google server. Don’t you think Google is having control over my contents? More traffic to them and my original page will remain unknown to readers. I prefer my readers to read directly from my website or blog instead of reading cache content from Google server. This alone worth the reasons why I disable AMP on my blog.

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Another reason why I dislike this AMP is because of the beauty of my blog that is not getting attention.  I am a web designer, I spent much time to design my blog and you can now imagine if my visitors are only reading content from AMP version with poor designs. I would prefer my audience to read original content that is organized to just reading a naked content with no design.

Finally, this really weak my hope and makes me to disable and delete AMP for all my pages. You will notice that you can’t copy any content from this blog because it is protected. In fact, this out of the reasons why I disable AMP on my blog pains me most.  All my contents are very special to me and I don’t like seeing my content to be duplicated on another blog. I find out that some of my articles are found on another blog. How does it happen? I asked myself this question! Immediately, I discovered that my content is not protected on AMP, so a blogger can easily search my content on Google and read my content from Google server through AMP. They can easily copy all the content which is not possible on the original page.

Conclusively, you can see that AMP has caused more harm than good to blog and it really worth the reasons why I disable AMP on my blog.



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