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Many webmasters and SEO experts don’t really like to talk about this particular tool whenever they’re working on a website for better SEO performance. Though it may be because it is too simple or perhaps it is not necessary for SEO. The truth is that this particular tool is very important and it is known as ping my blog. What is a ping? A ping is when the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and other pinging services are notified when you update your blog post either by making a new post or by editing the older post. The truth is that so many blog posts are not yet indexed by the search engines and it may reduce the traffic of the blog or website from the search engine. Well, I also suffer from this before I discover the power of pinging in SEO. Since I started blogging I hardly see my blog post appearing on Google after 10mins. In fact, many times, it would take a week before it can be indexed in the Google search engine. It was really devastating because I was so worried about the traffic I have lost between the day I publish the post and the day it gets indexed on the search engine. However, I have to start using one of the Google webmaster tools known as the URL INSPECTION tool. You can find this tool when you log in to your Google search console. Not only that, I will have to submit the URL of my blog post to Bing manually. So I will also inspect my URL and submit my URL to be crawl by the Google search bot. Dear readers, you may ask me didn’t I submitted my Sitemap on Google and other search engines? Yes, I did my blog post will still be indexed even if I don’t follow all the aforementioned procedures. But my concern is about the slow indexing of my blog post, so it is not the issue of Sitemap.

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The manual exercise was not easy for me as I normally do every day I publish new content on my blog. This triggers me to find a better option instead of submitting my url manually to the search engines, and this is what led me to the reasons why I have to ping my blog. I normally refer to this particular tool as SEO booster because since I have been using the tool my post appears on Google 5mins after publication without any manual work. We have different online pinging websites that offer the pinging service. Some of these website include “Ping-O-Matic and Kuleping” these two websites can help you ping your blog post to many search engines and news aggregator; so that they can crawl it immediately. Perhaps, If your blog is on WordPress platform, this will be a better chance for you. WordPress will automate the pinging whenever you publish a new post. Not only that, you can also install the plugin known as Auto Ping Booster. When you login to your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the settings optionàReadings.

Scroll down to where you will see ping services, in the provided box you will see only one ping website which was the default as you install your blog. Kindly add the following services to the box and ensure there is line break per websites.

It is not compulsory to use WordPress before you can ping your blog. Even if my website or blog is not WordPress I can still ping my blog on the online pinging services . For me to cut everything short, this is how I deliver my blog from slow indexing just as I ping my blog.


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