Facebook ads not getting click

If you do not get good conversion of your ad on Facebook this time, this article will suit you. This article identifies four main reasons why a paid ad on social media(Facebook) does not work. Not only that, but also what you can do to get a good result with your Facebook ad. Of course, it is not fair to spend a lot of money on advertising, and there is no benefit.

You Do Not Understand Your Target Consumer
Your Facebook ads will only run and get clicks if you reach your target audience. Successful campaigns are created from multiple persuasive presentations or sales outlets and must be directed to the ideal and objective person. Social advertising does not work on a large scale. Companies developing social media campaigns need to understand their target audience and set effective goals for reaching those consumers.

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Are you trying to contact customers based on your site who might visit your store or suppliers? Or promote your products and services across the country to serve interested niche audiences?
Understanding your audience, using social networks and the type of content you like is the key to success in social media advertising.

You Do Not Use Images With Good Graphics
You should know that an image with pale graphics will not make you click. Another thing is that if the logos or images you use in your campaigns are not related to your offer, your ads on Facebook will certainly not generate leads or traffic.

Your Facebook Ads Are Missing Incentives
One of the reasons your ads are not communicating with social media users is the lack of incentives. If you do not give a compelling reason to visit your website or learn more about your offers, this will never spark the enthusiasm you need for your growth.
To reverse the impact of low-impact ads, look for a way to upgrade them and use photos, special offers, and clear phrases that will prevent people from ignoring your ads.

You publish Ads In Bad Timing
In addition to the design or distribution of CTA, your social media ads may not interact because users are not online when they advertise. Syncing your social ads can make a difference by creating leads on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Of course, advertising in social networks during the main advertising periods. Usually weekdays from 13 hours. At 4 pm, it costs more than advertising at other times, like the weekend … but it’s for a good reason. Advertising costs more in these times because it is worth more. In this case, new clicks and opportunities are more important.


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