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I have been receiving many messages and calls from some of my followers on reasons why their website fails to bring more sales. In fact, some were saying they won’t use website for their business again. Well, they are right! many business owners find it difficult to get the benefits on what they spent huge money to setup. Common, you bought hosting, domain and even pay web designer before the website can be live. Not only that, it is not easy to be renewing the domain and server of the website yearly without getting any benefits either. Truth be told, nobody will be interested in spending on something that is not adding value to the business. Don’t be confused, having a website for your business is good but it becomes otherwise if it is not adding any value to your business. The question is that what are the reasons why your business website fails or ineffective? You need to know the reasons behind it and that is what I will unveil in this article. Some people pay web designer to help them design two pages having just pictures of their offices and some other texts. In fact, some business website hardly receives 500 views throughout the year.  How will you expect a website that hardly receives traffic to add value to the business? If you don’t receive enough visitors to your website that simply means there are some things you need to put in place on your website.

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Before visitors can keep coming to your website, there must be some things that attract them to open your page on daily basis. Relax! I will explain the reasons why your business website fails or why it is not effective including solutions to each of the reasons.

Number one: Your business website does not offers any latest update about your business

Why will you want me to visit your website tomorrow, when your website only contains the same texts and pictures that is only about your website. Mostly all business men that own a business believe that website should be a platform where customers can read about their services or products online. Well, it is correct but will you expect them to visit your website again after reading a static texts and pictures on your website over and over again? You can simply add a blog update on your landing page, so that your customers can be checking your website regularly to read about your latest products, news, e.t.c

They can also comment on your small blog that is added to the website. Therefore, your website will be active and visitors will have reasons to visit your website each day.

Number Two: Your website lacks support centre

Whenever you are designing a website for your business, a support centre is very important. A support centre is a section where customers can interact with the business officials whenever they have any complains or problem using your products. The support centre can be a live chat or a form where they can write and submit their request. However, it will keep your customers coming to the website whenever they need help instead of coming to your office.

Number Three: Your website is not engaging

Another reasons why your business website fails or not effective is because people are not doing anything that can make them to be engaged on your website. Whenever customers visit your website, it is either to source for information, buy or sell and finally to either request for help which is the support. However, you can add a shopping section to your website where your customers can order for your products. This will make your business website to be effective and your page will be receiving enough traffic.

In conclusion, it is possible to make your website to be effective only if you follow the aforementioned guide. Shutting down your website is not the right option just because your website fails. However, doing the right thing can make visitors to see the reason why they should keep coming regularly. Not only that, it will also convert your website visitors to your regular customers. Think of it, people visit your website and they order your products!


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