Are hashtags defined as words or words with a prefix? # These are created online by the users themselves and their posts / posts are categorically organized.
Users can easily search the hashtags and receive the messages they contain simply by typing them. Although tags are primarily used by # Twitter users, other websites can be sorted and summarized.
As a result, users can join the conversation even if they are browsing other websites, provided that the control tag is available. These can be searched on Twitter and other websites as well as in search engines. You can also test the effectiveness of the hashtag using analytical tools. Below are social media websites that support the use of hashtag.

  1. Twitter
    Twitter is the largest microblogging service in the world. Tags are generated on Twitter and thousands are generated each month. Hashtag talks about some topics and stories that other online users can download and tweet. Administrators stay up to date for days or weeks based on their popularity.
  2. Instagram
    Instagram is a photo sharing service where users exchange basic messages and stories based on original photos taken with a mobile phone or device. Labels are also used to help others find the right problems.
  3. Tumblr
    Tumblr is a social networking site and small blogs in which users can publish and share content and multimedia in a formatted blog. Blogs can be tracked accordingly. Labels are also used in Tumblr to guide other users on the right topics and discussions.
  4. Pinterest
    Pinterest is a social networking company where photos, videos and other content can be published by creating a tablet. Online users can discuss various topics and topics, create topics and share their own interests with the tablet. Labels can also be used in the panel and shared to invite others to conversations.
  5. Orkut
    Orkut is also a social contact page owned by Google. One of the company’s main goals is to help online users find and communicate with friends and acquaintances. The majority of users come from Brazil, India and Japan. There are 33 million active members in the world. Hashtags also supports the website.
  6. Diaspora
    The diaspora is also a social network investing heavily in free software for the diaspora. A social network of nonprofit creators that will initially provide a platform to protect users from advertising and corporate actions. Tags are combined to help users find topics and related issues.
  7. Google+
    Google+ or Google Plus is a social network launched in 2011. In total, there are about 500 million users. The social network has also incorporated hashtags, so users are grouped together online based on specific interests and goals.


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