Nowadays, the law profession seems not to be lucrative as before that attorneys were enjoying the tons of clients patronizing them. Truth be told, there is no one that prays to have a case that requires hiring attorney. But that is not only the service that can be rendered by the attorneys. Before I go deeper into this tutorial I will talk about attorney! Who is an attorney? An attorney is known as a person who has been certified, pass through bar and also practices law effectively. However, an attorney-at-law has gotten the full right to represent their clients before the courts. Well, it is different from a lawyer! A lawyer is a person who has been trained in law, attended the law school, but didn’t practice law. Some may be thinking why didn’t I use a lawyer in my article rather than using an attorney? I believe that my brief explanation answered the question. In this my article, I will give out the step by step marketing strategies that will bring more clients to the attorneys.

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Step One: Create Your Personal Blog
Does it sound simple? Perhaps, but it is the first step to take if you want to start marketing yourself as an attorney. A blog is a website where you can be sharing information and people can easily visit and read your publications. The truth is that almost 60% of people don’t know why they need attorneys. You can start publishing information on reasons why people need to consult those that practice law. It is certain that you will start to get more clients as people are engaging with your articles. Not only that, but you can also organize public lectures on law and society.

Step Two: Share Your Information On Socia media
Facebook and Twitter are the two giant social media you must not leave behind. There are thousands of your potential clients on Facebook, share your blog articles on your Facebook account. As people read your nice article, you can be connected to more people for partnership.

Step Three: Promote Your Content Using Google Adwords
Promoting your content using the right keywords such as attorneys or lawyers can be lucrative if you make use of the Google AdWords properly. Before you promote any content, make sure the content is engaging and can force your readers to action. Make sure you also include action button such as “Call us now” inside the content.

Step Four: Search Engine Optimization
You must also try to add your blog to multiple search engine such as Google, Bing, Yandex and more. Someone can search Google for a solution and stumble over your article on the search results. He or She may consult you for further guidance and eventually become your clients.

Step Five: Submit Your Blog To Multiple Directories
There are millions of web directories that can allow you to submit your blog for free. This may be stressful but you need to do it for more traffic to your articles. It will be good to have your website or blog listed across all the web.

Step Six: Create Video Marketing
You can also create videos of 5 minutes where you can address a particular problem in society and briefly discuss the solution. Upload the video on YouTube or any other platform where people can watch your video. Make sure you include your website or blog link in the video.
Conclusively, After all these strategies you will definitely see the positive result as clients start knocking the door of your office. Don’t stop updating your blog and follow this strategy repeatedly.


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