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You stumble upon this post to read the best apps for managing social media… Isn’t? Am sure that is why you click to read this post. At this junction, for you to select the best one out of the numerous apps for managing social media may not be easy for you. That is why you need to read this post carefully before you decide on which of them will meet your target. Well, without using Apps it is possible for you to manage your social media account… But the question remain, can you pay with your time and stress? Obviously, it is time consuming to be jumping from one social media account to the other when you can easily manage all with just a click. We have prepared the list of all the social media managing apps in 2019 that will help you to handle multi-tasking. With these apps you will be able to do the below task:

You can monitor your account notifications.

You will be able to see reports.

You can schedule your posts ahead of time.

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The best apps for managing social media should allow you to integrate different social media networks. This will allow your marketers to able to manage all your social media accounts on one profile. It won’t make sense for your marketing team to be accessing your social media accounts directly. However, you can just integrate all your accounts in one profile instead for them to login into your social media accounts directly. Truth be told, if you search the internet there are thousands of promising apps for managing your social media. It is confusing to pick one! Out of all these I have selected 5 based on their review from experts, the quality of their service, and their pricing. I really know that you won’t like to spend much because of your budget. So, I have selected the apps that offer affordable service. 

Below are the 5 best apps for managing social media in 2019

Social Report

This app hit number one position on our list after we have put all points into consideration. This app offers quality social media management and also delivers what is needed by agency at a very low price. With Social Report tool you can integrate your Facebook account, LinkedIn account, Twitter account, Google business account, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Analytics. Not only that, there are still many more that I don’t mention. In fact, you can connect your blog RSS feed to your Social Report account. With this feature, content can be gotten from the blog RSS feed and share directly to your social media accounts. There are more mouth watering features offered by this app at affordable price. You will agree with me that there standard package begins from $49 per month and $99 per month for an established agency. They offer 30 days free trial on all plans.


Agorapulse is our second choice here at Chinawapz Digital Agency. If you need the best social management app that will provide you with good analytics then Agorapulse should not be far from you. You can integrate many social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The beauty of this app is the analytics. You can monitor many things including your competitors and the hashtags. Their price for small business (Solos) is $39 and $79 while $159 per month for a small agency. And $239 per month for an established agency. There are 15 days of free trial for users. I will recommend this as one of the best apps for managing social media.


Whenever we are talking about the oldest and best apps for managing social media, hootsuite should not be left out. Obviously, it is one of the popular apps that can be used to schedule your posts and manage your social media account. You can integrate many social media network such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They offer free trial for only 30days. $25 per month for Small team, $785 per month for established agency. For individual, there is a free package which doesn’t come with many features.

Sprout Social

This app hit number four on our noble list! Well, this is very similar to Social report and offers the same features with the Social Report. The price is the major difference between the two apps. You can monitor how your posts are performing. You can also integrate Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. They also offer 30 days free trial and $99 per month for small teams. If you have an established agency the price plan is $149/Mo and $249/Mo respectively.


Sendible is an app that you can use to schedule posts on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You are privilege to add blog RSS feed. You can share relevant contents from your blog to all your social media accounts automatically. For small team, price plan begins $29 per month while $299 per month for already established account. They offer 30 days free trial for new users.

In conclusion, we have dish out the 5 best apps for managing social media in 2019. You can simply choose any of these five apps based on your budget. We are convinced that each of these apps will deliver good services to your taste. Apps which also provide good features include Buffer. As I have mentioned above, we regulate our list based on particular criteria which are mentioned.


  1. I personally do not understand now what is left in managing social media because most of the social media channels now offer to schedule your social media posts and also provide with analytics. At first, I used to use Hootsuite and buffer but now after most social platforms are providing insights into your post details I have stopped doing so. I would give Social Report a try lets see what it has to offer.


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