Cheapest courier service in Nigeria

You can find here many logistics companies, as well as courier companies that deliver the package to your doorstep. For you to save money, it is best to choose the cheapest courier service in Nigeria. We have selected some of the cheapest options that you can use in your usual life or work. You will find local and foreign courier service options offering local packages in all Nigerian states. Let us move straight to the cheapest courier service in Nigeria.

AB logistics
It is the cheapest Nigerian company on our list and strives to make door-to-door packages. It is cheap and guaranteed at 800 light prices per light package. With this company you can send documents, invitations and parcels. With logistics provider AB Logistics, shipping a 2kg package from Lagos to Abuja costs only #2,500 light.

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EMS SpeedPost
The company has been providing services to Nigerians since 1986. It has enough experience to provide fast delivery processes and manage quality packages for all users. It is an affordable information service that will make you happy. Some users may think that this company is closely related to NIPOST. But do not worry, SpeedPost is more reliable, faster and more economical. The cost of a 2 kg package from Lagos to Abuja with this service is about #3,300.

GIG Logistics
It is a well-known Nigerian company that provides postal and logistical services to all Nigerian citizens. It’s easy to send with this company. You should go to your office in your city to send your package to another Nigerian city. For example, you need to pay close to #3,000 to pack your 2 kg without insurance.

ABC Cargo
Founded in 1990, this courier service provides various courier and transportation services to Nigerians and their guests. The company offers many logistics, messaging and support services. He has his own terminals. Work with individuals and businesses. Offers all customers the ability to track your package or package, so you do not have to worry about your shipment. A 2 kg package from Lagos to Abuja will cost around #4,700.

In conclusion, we have provided you the cheapest courier service in Nigeria. However, all the companies listed offer logistics service at an affordable price that is less than #5,000. So, if you want a courier service that is less than five thousand nairas. You can choose from our list.


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