Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategy for both small and large business. In fact, researches have shown that billions of mails are sent on daily basis and email keep increasing everyday. Perhaps, professional marketer should never underestimate the conversion rate of email marketing in business. Not only that, there is always a profit for each dollar you spent on email marketing which means email marketing gives more CTR compared with social media and search engine; there is also chances of them subscribing to your newsletter which you can later use for newsletter campaign. There are importance of email marketing that we need to know, these are:
Importance Of Email marketing
1. Email marketing can allow you to market your product as a private message to thousands of email address at a click(i.e message will be sent to their inbox to read about your product), this may not possible on social media.
2. Email marketing is measurable and cost effective compared to others.
3. Email marketing can allow you to send images, text and attach large files.
4. It is very useful, manageable for large audience and it is also easy and flexible to use compared to some other digital marketing strategies.

What is Email marketing Tools?
Email marketing tools are the tools which is being used by the marketer to send, create,test, optimize and also give reports concerning their email campaigns. The tool can be specifically designed for email marketing e.g “inbox placement” testing tool, “email subject” line generator, it can also be a tool that can allow the marketer to perform different emailing functions with ease. Not only that, this tool can allow the marketer to send messages to many email address which may not be easy to do without using the tool. Email marketers spend dollars to get this tool but the issue is getting the best email marketing tools. You don’t need to stress yourself about it, just relax and pick any one out of the top 10 tools listed below.
10. Dotmailer
Dotmailer is a tool with a nice user interface which make it easier for the professionals to perform all the automated functions such as message sending and testing in marketing process. However, if you are looking for fast and simple tool for email marketing then dotmailer is a good option.
9. Passendo
Passendo is another email marketing tool which is programmed for the marketers. The advancements can be changed in a way to ensure its modernized substance to accomplishes the plan of the marketers and their intrigue audience. More also, it also has the capabilities to optimize your eCPM. Not only that, passendo has enough functionalities for sending, monitoring and testing message in the process.
8. MailChimp
MailChimp is popularly known tool for email marketing which is fortified with analytical tools and advance technology which can be use to market your services and products. Not only that, it optimize your leads by converting it to sales.
7. Aweber
AWeber is another email marketing tool which is enrich with multiple features such as autoresponders and others. Using this tool will allow you to automate the rate of workflow in sending personalised messages and emails to all your customers. Not only that, it also has a feature which allow you to schedule messages to your customers. Hence, this is very easy to use app for professional marketers.
6. Constant Contact
There are a lot of features such as email templates, training guides and it also allow you to upload many contacts. Not only that, it has feature “social playbook” which allow you to connect email with your social media. If you like both email marketing and social media marketing, using this tool is the best option for you.
5. Mailjet
Mailjet is used by many marketers because of its effectiveness in both newsletter campaign and email marketing. However, with mailjet you can send millions of messages at the same time. Not only that, you can also monitor the messages with the inbuilt analytics for you to know if your messages are delivered or not and it also display some important information about your messages.
4. ActiveCampaign
This email marketing tool made my list because of its effective test functionality which is also very useful to the professional marketers, the tool is user-friendly and very easy to use for small scale business and it is fortified with many features that make automated email marketing simple.
3. iContact Pro
I personally love this tool because of its modernized features such as triggered messaging, message tracking, segmentation, social posting, CRM functions and more. In fact, this tool is one of the most used tool when it comes to automated email marketing. You can make it your favourite tool and you will enjoy email marketing
2. Marketo
Marketo is a simple and flexible tool that is rich in features that are mouth-watering such as email template design using HTML; if you have the knowledge of HTML it will allow you to design your email template to your own taste. Not only that, you can share your message on your social media account using the “share with friends” functionality.

1. Hubspot
With no doubt, Hubspot is the best email marketing tool, it is not that I just assume hubspot as the best tool for marketing. It was ranked as the best because of the unique features of the tool such as lead building, scheduling, testing, contact database and more. You can use any of the template to enhance email marketing without HTML knowledge.
In conclusion, all these tools are very useful in email marketing. However, the major challenges with the use of email marketing tools is that most of the messages sent are being flagged as a spam or junk message. Though this challenge can be resolved, in my next tutorial I will teach you how to make your message not to be flagged as a junk but inbox where users can easily see. You really need to be checking regularly as we released the tutorial.



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