Top 10 hashtags on Instagram

What is a hashtag?
Hey! Did you know that using a hashtag is one of the effective ways of marketing? Especially when you use the popular hashtag in your post on popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The truth is that not everyone is familiar with this approach and they are missing out something spectacular in marketing. It is my vow to always share my experience here on this blog, I started using hashtag since last week and I can categorically tell you that my social media presence increased by 35%. Well, the hashtag is a word that is preceded by the symbol (#). Whenever you want your content to reach a larger audience on social media, Then you must know how to use a hashtag for marketing.

What is the usefulness of hashtag?
Instagram has made it possible for people to use the hashtag so that they can ensure that things are well tagged. Obviously, the hashtag will make it easy for users that are interested in a particular topic to find what they want through the hashtag.
It is important to tag your shared post properly on Instagram. However, it is better for you to use one of the top 10 hashtags for Instagram.
Another usefulness of using a hashtag is for visibility purpose. If you want people should notice your post or you want your article to be visible to a large number of people, then using the top 10 hashtags on Instagram should be your target.

Why do I like using hashtags?
Using hashtags on Instagram is not only to increase the reach of your publications but to also increase your Instagram followers, popularize your brand name and finally connect your brand name to the right audience looking for what you can offer.

Did you also know that using hashtags can be useful to get more likes? If you don’t know, now you should know. For me to write about the top 10 hashtags on Instagram you should know that it is not a child play. The hashtag is what I love and I will continue using it even if I just tested it for research purpose.

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With no doubt, as your article reach out to those looking for it, the publication will definitely get more likes and views,
On Instagram, there is a feature that allows people to follow a particular hashtag just like the same way you are following users. All the users following particular hashtag trends will be updated as new publications are made under that hashtag. Take, for example, if hashtag “#chiwapz” is having almost 50,000 followers if you want to publish a post on Instagram just include the hashtag #chiwapz and you will see that almost all the 50,000 audiences following the hashtag will see your publication. It is an advantage to publicize your content especially if you have quality content to share to a larger audience. Now let us hit the business on the top 10 hashtags on Instagram. These hashtags get larger followers and using them will help you to promote your brand at no dime.

Top 10 hashtags on Instagram
(1) #Love has appeared in 1,500,706,359 posts.
(2) #Instagood can be found in over 728,131,008 publications.
(3) #Photooftheday has appeared in 490 million publications.
(4) #Fashion can be found in over 475,992,147 publications.
(5) #Beautiful has appeared in 456,547,737 publications.
(6) #Happy appeared in 422,116,954 publications.
(7) #Like4like can be found in 410,451,976 publications.
(8) #Picoftheday appeared in 373,976,698 publications.
(9) #Art has appeared in over 334 million photos uploaded on Instagram.
(10) #Photography has been used in 210,395,525 publications


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