Affiliate marketing programs are very useful and effective means of marketing your products. Truth be told, you can easily get more sales if you make use of affiliate marketing programs where you will get many affiliate marketers interested in selling your products and earn commission. Affiliate marketing is when people sell your products either by displaying the products on their website or by sharing the products on social media. Not only that, they don’t share this for free! But they also earn commission for each sales. Take for instance, if your product is software that cost $45, for each sale made by the marketers, you can give $5 as commission and you earn $40. Thus, this is one of the effective means of getting customers to your products, you can make more than 100 sales per day if you try out affiliate marketing strategy. In this marketing strategy, you need active affiliate marketers that will drive customers to your sales page. Don’t bother on where you get these marketers, that is the reason we need to put the list of of the top 5 affiliate marketing programs where you can get active marketers. There are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet but only few of them are effective. After several research by interviewing many professionals we bring together the 5 best affiliate programs. Though our ranking is based on their effectiveness in generating sales, the years of experience and the type of marketing tools they offer to the marketers. Below are the top 5 affiliate programs:

5. Amazon Associate
Amazon is a well-known affiliate marketing programme that sells and also allow marketers to sell and earn commission. Amazon has their own products and they also allow vendors to sell their products as well.There is no doubt, mostly everyone has Amazon account and are able to purchase products directly from them, so it unquestionably bodes well to join their Amazon Associates program if you want to start making money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate earns 10% commission on each sales they made through their affiliate link.
4. CJ affiliate
CJ Affiliate is known to be a famous affiliate showcasing program, previously known as Commission Junction with twenty years of experience in affiliate marketing programs. Commission junction Affiliate highlights different product Widgets which can be inserted on your website. This widget will display the products of the CJ advertisers and if any visitors click any of the products and also buy, there is commission that will be awarded to you. Thus, commission junction is where you can make money as affiliate marketers.

3. JVZoo
JVZoo is new with 6 years of experience but made the third position on my list, JVZoo does not has payment threshold before you can withdraw i.e they pay directly into your PayPal account immediately you sell any item on their website. Not only that, JVZoo also allow vendors(product owners) to have a marketplace on their website.
2. ShareASale
ShareASale is 18 years old affiliate marketer with over five thousands vendors. There are many products which affiliate can sell on their website but making up to the threshold($50) may not be easy for the beginners. In fact, they remove accounts that are unable to reach $25 within 3 months which is not recommended for those that are struggling with traffic.

1. Clickbank
Clickbank is known as the major affiliate program that only allow buying and selling of digital products. However, it is very easy for beginners to get started with clickbank without any registration fee. In fact, they give higher commission to their affiliates compared to other affiliate marketing programs.


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