Cryptocurrency is seen as a modernized currency which can either be bitcoin, eutherium and anything which is possible from the aforementioned coin. However, the crypto-coin business has become what everyone want to start with. Not only that, cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing business in the world, The truth is that cryptocurrency marketing can be so frustrating because not everyone really know the benefit of this digital currency. Starting or creating a new cryptocurrency is not easy especially the marketing. Truth be told, your currency is new and there are existing cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, thebillion coin, eutherium, e.t.c. Hence, cryptocurrency marketing may be difficult especially to get direct buyers or investors. I will unleash the top five ways on how you can market your cryptocurrency for free. You might have been thinking on how you will quit the business and start with another business next year. There is a good news for you, 2019 is a year of your boom! Fear not, read all this marketing strategy and choose any of them. Better still, you can also use all of them depending on your own choice and see your cryptocurrency booming.

  1. Build your Social Media audience
    There are several social network websites such as facebook, twitter, Google+, Reddit, e.t.c where you can start marketing your cryptocurrency. Open a facebook page for your currency and invite people to join your group or page. Not only that, Reddit should not be left out– join the powerful social news website and join any cryptocurrency marketing community where you can share to others about your currency and you can be connected to buyers and investors that will buy your coin for future use.
  2. Create Your Cryptocurrency website
    Website is very crucial and you need it to grow your currency popularity. However, if you want people to invest and buy your cryptocurrency, you must be able to provide adequate information and flow charts concerning your currency on the website, in which people can visit the website to read full details about your currency and also to know the future potential of your cryptocurrency.

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3. Start Direct messaging and Affiliating system
You are not expected to limit your marketing to just group discussion, private messaging to people will go a long way. Involve yourself in direct messaging so that your potential buyers can ask you question directly and this will make them trust you better. Not only that, introduce affiliate system where people can promote your coin and earn commission. This works like a magic! Think of it, as you are marketing the cryptocurrency at the same time hundreds of people are also doing the cryptocurrency marketing for you. It is cool right?

4. Email Marketing
Email marketing is not bad and it can also help to boost the popularity of your coin. You need to build your email listing before you start the email marketing. Then after, you can start sending targeted email about your new offers(about your coin) to your email listing.

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5. Organize public lecture about cryptocurrency
This can cost you money but it is a sure way of marketing your cryptocurrency to the public. Organize a seminar or public lecture in which you will lecture the masses about cryptocurrencies. In the process of teaching, introduce your own currency to them and let them see reasons they should invest in your own coin. However, it won’t be bad if you invite the media crew(press) to cover the event and it should be published. You can target the local or remote areas for the public lecture. In fact, it will give better results than organizing public lecture for people in the urban, most of them are into other crypto currencies and it may be difficult to convince them.

In conclusion, don’t quit your cryptocurrency because of frustration. All you need is good cryptocurrency marketing strategy. Although, it may not be instant boom but if you adopt all the aforementioned strategy, it is sure that your currency will boom in the year 2019. Did you really believe this!


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