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Email verification service is no longer a new thing in the digital market especially for email marketers. However, I will still need to talk briefly about the email verification tools. What is email verification service? An email verification service is known as tool that can be used to checks if an email address is real or not. Not only that, it also minimizes the bounce rates, protect the business domain not to be flagged as a “spam sender” and also prevent being blacklisted by email providers. For many years, professional email marketers have stopped sending emails directly to their email listing. However, they rather use the email verification service to sieve out the healthy email address out of the raw email listing. Truth be told, making use of this tool has more impact and it provides a better marketing result. We took enough time to filter top 5 email verification service out of the numerous tools online. It is for you to decide and select one out of these five. We did not just come up with a list. There are some criteria that we observe before each service could made our list. The criteria include:

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Accuracy – This is the major criteria that we use to evaluate all the email verification service. Before any service can make our list, it must guarantee atleast 95% accuracy. Not only that, the accuracy must be tested and confirmed.
Price – Some of the email verification service offer free trial while some demand specific amount per email you verified. We evaluate the fair price based on the maximum email that individual can verify.
Email Checks – A good email checker is expected to include domain, SMTP and finally format. As these are part of its validation service. In fact, other services may include additional feature tests.
Speed of Processing – Speed of processing is very important and we hereby use it to evaluate our list. Some email verification service takes too much time to complete verification checks while the speed of some is compared to the speed of light. In seconds, it brings healthy email list to you.
Ease of Bulk Verification – We also evaluate each service on how they operate bulk email checks and the limit of email size.
Security – Good security will never be neglected, we compared all the email verification services according to the security policy. Hence, email service that can’t protect the content that is uploaded will not make the list.

  1. NeverBounce
    NeverBounce is the best email service having 99.9% accuracy which is openly guaranteed. Not only about the accuracy, it provides different integrations at an affordable price. In fact, they allow you to verify maximum of 1,000 email addresses per month for free. What a wonderful tool? It also works with some email marketing tools which include iContact, Marketo, Drip and MailChimp others.
  2. ZeroBounce
    ZeroBounce is new but make the second best email validation service. They can validate bulk email addresses with 98% accuracy. Zerobounce will allow you to verify 100 emails for free and the validation speed is fast.
  3. Xverify
    Xverify is proud of 98 percent accuracy and it really make them to secure the third position on our list. Furthermore, they also provide “report segmentation tools” which is purposely designed for the management of the partners involved in the affiliate marketing. Therefore, we will recommend Xverify for businesses that really want to filter their affiliate marketing partner lists.
  4. Briteverify
    The speed and pricing of this service is something that we need to mention. Briteverify accuracy is 98% guarantee. Not only that, the service is suitable for the list containing the international addresses for your business.
  5. Bulk Email Checker
    Bulk Email Checker can verify many addresses against 17 different tests. Not only that, the list can also be checked with more than 780 email providers, together with your account “blacklisted addresses”, having up to 97% accuracy guarantee. However, the speed of the service is not fast as compared with others. Due to this fact, we rate them based on their value and price which is what make it suitable for lists with millions of email addresses.



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